Fighting Games Online=Fail

i think fighting games ONLINE = fail for everyone. fighting games are all about timing and execution of moves,and lag clearly messes that up. not to mention that anytime you play a one on one game online there is a greater chance you will get dropped on than if you play a multi-player game(4 players or over)

  there are a lot of sad souls who will use the lag to major advantage. some people will even make the game slow down(i guess by downloading,not sure)if you have the upper hand on them. 

 fighting games OFFline are great,but once you start playing it online it becomes something much different.its not even the same game really once you get lag. what do you guys think?

Not really a new complaint.

Depends. What’s REALLY bad is when companies start to add input lag to compensate for network lag.

Otherwise, depends. Play some Super Turbo over GGPO with “smoothing” set to 0, it feels like playing someone from home as long as the ping is under 200, which is freakin huge and a miracle.

Most online ventures are made for Japan (friggin’ fiber optic for less than your goddamn lunch a month, fffffff) so they generally don’t pay attention to working good netcode…

But, I wish they’d pay some attention to people in larger countries. Some of us can only afford to go to tournaments once in a blue moon, and have no local comp… (yeah, I know, I know…)

Online’s not so bad though… you get to see what other people are using (very wide variety of opponents, compared to some places) and if you know your limitations you can apply some of what you learned offline.

ed. I mean comparatively very wide. Not to refer to Ken Ken Ken Ken or anything. Just a caveat of playing online. Odd rare player you’d never find locally, in stuff you have to dig through. :expressionless:

of course, that means you play “legit” every time, which means sometimes “lag tactics” get ya. Oh well, it’s flawed, what can you do?

been discussed to death already. and wrong forum, try the online forums to discuss this