Fighting Games Suck


What astonishes me most (besides the obvious bad review of several fighting games), is how much the reviewer sounds like David Sirlin lol.

i might have felt that way if i couldnt block either.

The guy is an utter cunt and is in desperate need of a slap.

He said “having never played a fighting game for more than a few minutes”, in other words, he admitted not knowing what the fuck he was talking about.

Hate must be applied.

Indeed. Someone go tell him to register at SRK then make an intro thread with that vid link.

i feel like all people deserve to be loved…

except this fool.

<3 tho

this is the comment i left in the guys channel. hopefully it can help bring light on how today’s video-gamers are not familiar with the true core and purpose of a fighting game. if the community seriously wants to get more exposure, it’s getting these kinds of ideas out into the light and explaining why a fighting game has value. seriously, the ability to read means nothing if you can’t figure out how to get the most of it : (

OP: I agree. :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:

Hold on… Super Smash Bros is an evolution? I’m angry at the fact that he actually said that, and how he is inaccurate. I am also angry at the fact that he can’t handle difficulty. I can’t believe he actually wanted a genre to die, if there is a genre that has to do die it is probably FPS games because we are littered with them but even then no genre should die, if anything he should die so he won’t have to play them if wanted a genre to die. FUCK. Quite disappointed… mind as well make a video about Point and Click games and tell people that these games suck so bad because they are hard/ make you logically and you only “point and click”. I don’t know much to say other than I miss arcades and I miss Monkey Island and this rant XD

he needs to go burn in a fire

He`s nice guy because he likes Puzzle Quest, that game is great. On the other he failed to make a point/joke.

  1. I’m getting bored of people trying to be AVGN jr.

  2. Read the comments, at some point he says he spent 600 hours on GTA: SA…I’m sorry, 600 hours?

This guy really needs to grow a pair of balls.

It appears he locked comments on the video. Its like Sega Kid all over again, when he bashed MK3.

hmm… so I can now say … I think I need to make a video on why the fighting genre is one of the best…

off to go collect details

It’s people with his mentality that has caused the arcade scene to die in retrospect in the US. More of them apparently are popping up and the gaming industry continues to keep them on life support and vice versa.

It might be true other factors exsist on why the arcade scene is dead. But IMO; this is the one that cleary should be realized as one. It made me laughed when he said he thought arcades were places that exsisted 100 years ago. Silly and ignorant. incase no one knows

Please be serious, an actual retrospective on the fighting game genre would be highly entertaining.

I didn’t know the guy from those America?s Diamonds commercials hates fighting games


Videos like that from so called “gamers” make me a very sad Bomberman.


i dont need to say this, but, this guy defines scrub. its a shame that people like him actually have a voice when it comes to game development with big games like the new kof and sf.

its obvious he probly got owned by a guy in any random fighting game, and in an exagerated form of simple ‘hating’, he made a goofy youtube vid and tried to look credible. and this is the first youtube vid i seen achieve an actual 1 star average.

edit- [media=youtube]3GAvs-zoSB4&NR=1[/media]

a response to the vid, and this man pretty much put the scrubs opinion to rest. he obviously has a good understading not only of fighting games, but in competitive games in general.

a quote “when your losing, you have a puzzle to solve” very well put by someone who has obviously understood fighters since the oldschool.

His whole deal was trying to reason with a scrub…we know this doesn’t work.:rofl: