Fighting games that originated on consoles


Most fighting games originated in the arcades.

Are there any fighting games that got a certain popularity where the first game was first released on a home console?

The only one I can remember is “Eternal Champion”. And maybe “Weapon Lord”.

Of course, there are many totally obsure games. For example, on the Super Nintendo, there are:

  • “Doomsday Warrior”,
  • a “Street Fighter II” ripoff with a Frieza-like boss that you fight on the moon,
  • an all-girl fighting game

But nobody knows these games, so I would suggest to name only games that are not totally obscure.

Likewise, the games shouldn’t be famous for how shitty they are, like “Shaq-Fu” or “Rise of the Robots”.

So, I’m looking for fighting games that

  • originated on a console,
  • have at least moderate popularity and
  • aren’t shit.

(If the game was ported to the arcade later, it still counts. But if the arcade version is the original and the console version is the port, then it doesn’t count.)


TMNT tournament fighter
Gundam endless duel

You’ll struggle to find fighting games that originated on console and were not shit especially pre playstation era


Tobal No. 1 and Tobal 2.


Um…Flying Dragon for the N64. Rising Thunder although that is still in betta. That’s all I got.


Soul Calibur III I believe was one of the first big name releases that got a console release first, before being ported to arcade (via SC3 Arcade Edition).


The answer is Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear only.


GG is certainly the biggest rags to riches story in that regard. A quirky little psx fighter gets a beautiful 640x480 sequel in arcades and becomes the most played fg in Japan at the time (or so it seemed, I’m sure Tekken 4 and whatever soul calibur or virtual fighter were out still had a high number of players).


O.k., I should have mentioned that I’m talking about series that also originated as fighting games. “Turtles” and “Gundam” might be technically true, but they are bigger non-videogame franchises consisting of comics, mangas, TV shows, games etc. where the fighting game is just one random item in this whole franchise.

I’ve never heard of them. Did they really enjoy a certain popularity or are these among the games that nobody ever really noticed?

This doesn’t really fit since I’m talking about the origin of a whole series and not of single games. The “Soul Calibur” franchise originated in the arcades and the third part is just one game inside this series.

Yes, that’s actually a perfect example.

Do you know any more? (Maybe even for the Super Nintendo?)


Guilty Gear started as a console release?
Sounds weird considering the control scheme seems to be designed for arcade sticks.


I never knew Guil gear was a console release first.

@DRW Flying dragon while not super popular nor played competitively did enjoy some popularity amongst N64 owners. As for rising Thunder. The game’s still in pre alpha or beta but it has a lot of buzz going for it. How have you not heard of it?


Well the current scheme yes, the original really only used 4 buttons for attacks and R1 for respect (I think taunt was L1). What would eventually become dust was S and HS together. Instant kills could be done at any time, at less than half life you got infinite super, that game was so broken and fun.

Other interesting facts are you could dash and do a move at the same time, say if a move had a fireball motion, you’d do qcf-f+button and your character would dash as the fireball came out. Also putting the game disc into a CD player played a song that was not available to listen to in the sound options.


Should have been more specific since, with how certain games get updates, some of us will consider numbered sequels with multiple installments their own series (e.g. the Street Fighter III series consisting of NG, 2I and 3S, or more appropriately, the DOA5 series which stated on console, then got an arcade release with Ultimate)


Did bloody roar start on console? Battle arena toshinden? Clay fighter?


I think only BAT2 had an arcade release (be Capcom, no less).




Erm, yes. So, according to your logic, the various re-releases of “The Empire Strikes Back” (original 1980 version, 1995 special edition, DVD version, BluRay version) are their own movie series that should be considered separate from “Star Wars”?

“Street Fighter III” shares characters and even plays in the same continuity as “Street Fighter II”, so it should be pretty clear that my original post considered this to be the “Street Fighter” series and that you cannot take “Street Fighter II” and “Street Fighter III” as different franchises.


Bad analogy. The Special Edition of Episode V isn’t a sequel to the original 1980 release in the same way that 3rd Strike is a sequel to 2nd Impact, or Alpha 3 is to Alpha 2. Besides, the changes to games between editions are much more substantial than what you’d see in movies.


When it comes to Street Fighter with the amount of updates each numbered entry gets most fans treat each numbered game as it’s own subseries. It helps each update tends to process the story and overhauls mechanics.


The re-released Star Wars’ are pieces of shit, utter garbage that should never be associated with the original releases of the movies.


GG does this as well. Some updates to XX were sequels, I believe. And Xrd -REVELATOR- is a clear sequel to Xrd -SIGN-.

In any case, it’s pretty clear that, within fighting games, series does not necessarily equate to franchise.