Fighting Games that will increase your execution

This is pretty self-explanatory, but I want people to post their lists of games that are fairly difficult to pick up because they require high-execution to become good at or at least teaches good fundamentals (footsies, meter management, combos, frame traps etc…) I also want to pick up some older games but can’t decide on which…I feel fighters of today give too much of an advantage to under skilled players.

play super turbo on ggpo. the game is very brutal for newcomers and you have to actually do the motions correctly in order for moves to come out. plus with reversals being 1 frame mashing does not work. footsies in st are also more in depth than most new fighting games. i forgot to add that in st or any sf game before sf4 pressing buttons while blocking a string was a huge no no as you would get hit for it. also play kof 98 or 2002. those games have alot of hard/not common motions for supers.

Haha, Super Turbo is awesome, I play it all the time.

I’m a fan of the older games, such as SF2 Hyper Fighting, ST, Alpha 2 and 3. Those games don’t have NEARLY as much input leniency and shortcuts like the newer games do, and will force you to clean up your inputs in order to do the moves correctly and on time.

I’m a supporter of ST. There’s an on-going revival in the US to bring out new players, so if you want to play an older game, now is the time to do so. Also consider playing 3s, since that has ALWAYS had a good scene, and requires very precise motions and fast-hands to play it at the highest level.

As far as fundamentals go, as a training tool, I would play HF or ST. Both games are very simplistic, and have an extremely strong focus on the fundamentals of spacing, zoning, timing, reactions, footsies, etc etc. It rewards having a solid strategy and being to execute it, as opposed to do doing multi-hit complex combos, or easy-mode chain combos. Especially in HF, where comebacks are extremely difficult to perform, and you literally have nothing except 6 buttons and a few special moves to help you out. Although ST is more popular, certain supers can be abused to limit the long-term effectiveness of the ground-game.

good thread to op…im in the same boat but i want to branch out from ssf4…plus i also want to return to the old fighters b/c it feel like the new gen of fgc seem to be lacking exp in…imo feels like everyone just plays sf4 or marvel

Super Turbo
Vampire Savior
Alpha 2,3
KOF 98’, 02’, XI, XIII
MvC 2

I swear to god I thought the thread title was;

[SIZE=4]Fighting Games that will increase your education.
Then again that would probably an oxymoron.**

Well…I guess it really depends on your level of execution. KOF13 sounds like it’s pretty execution/timing heavy from what I’ve heard. Guilty Gear would be another good choice.

Rookies. Fate Unlimited Codes.

KOF 13 is pretty good for increasing your execution skills in a new fighting game.

For older games, KOF98, KOF02, ST, and 3S all help execution.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Cool, I will consider picking up KoF XIII (It’s on sale! lol) I have 3S, but have barely touch it…time to change that. And SF2 was the first game I ever had, so I remember it being hard to beat…Is Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PSN? Does anyone know?

Waiting for it to be released so I can play it offline. lol


It is, but that version is garbage.

Alpha 3 is not yet on psn, but I’m sure it’s coming at some point.

ST was extremely hard on certain versions, but if you really want to test your execution, you’ll have to play against live opponents either offline or online on GGPO.

Yeah, I never really play online because I can’t stand it. But I do have good competition around here.

Super Smash Bros. Melee.

That won’t help for defense

I wouldn’t know. I never seriously played it.