Fighting Games That You Think Need a Sequel Now!

Power stone
Project Justice
Kenichi (even though it was recently released it needs a sequel)
Bloody Roar
Street fighter
King of fighters
Melty blood

i could go on and on but you get the idea

Definately Bloody Roar

and of course BLODDY Kensei Sacred Fist… and damnit a new tekken tag but with 3 vs 3.PLZ and an easy mode ala MSH VS SF where it allows the newbs to taste the game but punishes them against the vets, also I want the life bat to last longer it seems a bit short.

Fighters Impact and Fighting Layer.

And they need to release Capcom Fighting all Stars to the public even if the game is shitty or slightly shitty it’ll tide us over till we get SF4.

In before lock and realization that I got baited by a Capcom BBS wannabe.


…that went well.

Urban Reign cos i know this game could be something special

projeck justise iz long Ovadue

im still waiting on MvC3…

Hungry hungry hippos


Pit Fighter 2

That’s right. I went there.

lol we got our sequel like a week, 2 weeks ago. :rofl:

Damn good game too!

Fighters Destiny…

Tekken 6

Right now

KOFXI came out in 2005 for arcades, and in 2006 for PS2. 2006 also saw a 3D KOF, KOFMI2 for PS2. 2007 has KOFMIA coming out for arcades, and KOFXII is in development, probably late 2007-early 2008. So I don’t know where you are going with this for KOF.

This gets new updates every yearly interval now like Guilty Gear.

MvC3 =(

Or any VS game for that matter.

Rumble Fish 3
Hokuto no Ken 2
Obvious Capcom titles


Capcom Fighting Jam
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
Mark of the Wolves
Vampire Savior

vampire savior [that 2nd one was not a sequel dammit!!]


Another 2d MK or an updated MKT
Mark of the Wolves 2
Tuff E Nuff 2 or Update(make all characters playable)
Rival School 3

2D MK;
Pit Fighter;(Yes…?)
Art of Fighting;
Killer Instinct;
Capcom Fighting Jam;
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum;