Fighting games to try?

So I started with USF4 when it first came out and I’m hooked, I keep coming back. Unfortunately, USF4 seems to be on it’s deathbed with 5 on it’s way…but because capcom chose the money and pissed on it’s xbox fans. I need to save up $600 for a new ps4 and compatible stick if I want to keep up with SF. I likely won’t have that kind of cash to spair for another half year so I’ve decided to part ways with Street Fighter and try the others out. Besides, from what I’ve heard, Capcom is trying to tone the game down to be more like DBZ tenkaichi or Naruto ninja storm so it’ll be a more lucrative family oriented game instead of the usual fan catered. I was thinking about trying the latest tekken but from watching combo videos of Tekken 6 the game looks kinda…well very slow. I realize USF4 is my only real experience and thusly I favor it’s playstyle. But what else should I play? Even though I’ve heard MvC games are amazing, the idea of playing tag team turns me off, not sure why?

I don’t know, I guess I want to know what everyone thinks.

I think that no one here should be holding your hand on what video game you should try…play whatever piques your interest.

You want to post in Fighting Game Discussion, but just know real men play Guilty Gear…


…and Jojo’s Bizarre Aventure: Heritage for the Future

Smash Bros.

You can try this game out in the download link below. Characters are dope, and its not hard to pick up.


Dong Dong Never Die, it’s free and can run on a toaster.

Death Cargo Gorebreaker obviously

This is why you are still one of my favorite posters. Keep the dream alive!

Def Jam FFNY.

Legend has it they picked up the game for a bit at Yomi. I think the game is due for a comeback. You want to get out in front of that.


Snaaaake vs NickGuy 2 is pretty good game too tho.

:beta: vs. Banana peels in Mario Kart, still :mad: near the finish line

po pimpus vs no one must know my secret (his favorite game = animal crossing)

lose your bet money match and dont pay up man a division of WOLFKRONE DONT POT SPLIT JWONGGG

Tekken’s lame to watch but it’s actually one of the best fighting franchises ever to play imo .-. If youve never played it you’re missing out on a pretty great experience. MKX is pretty decent too which caught me completely off guard lol

Start with kof learn sf then leave with smash

Wait about 3 more months for the 4th iteration of Guilty Gear Turd co-SIGNing scrub shelter edition and you might be able to score it for like 10 bucks.

I heard that Death Cargo is the greatest fighter ever made. You should try it out op :tup:

Play RB2.

I won’t tell you what games to play but shit if you’re gonna spend $600 on PS4. Put it on a good PC that will take all sticks from all companies plus nude hacks.

Yie Ar Kung- Fu is pretty good.

KOF XIV is going to be released soon, and I think that could be a good game to buy. Plus, its going to have 48 characters eventually so lots of choices too.

“DiveKick” should be right up your alley.