Fighting games togo


hey guys,

i stumbled upon this idea while surfing one day. the guys on the forum were pretty crazy and, at one point they had even thought about adding a video card /motherboards to the idea. but the short version of it is, they wanted to add a usb thumbdrive with portable versions of games/emulators to an xarcade stick, all sitting inside the case next to the pcb. i thought this was a pretty damn slick idea. i dunno about the hub and what not although in theory it looks like it would work, (see pic above) but throwing together a package to be installed onto a thumbdrive, that’s just small enough to tuck inside a stick and take with you any where the stick goes just sounded great. so here is what i have so far.

Vanguard Princess

i dunno if gpo,vprince and nulldc are portable, but so far both fba and mame are fine running off a usb drive. but in all reality i really just want to make this a fighting game only compilation. so what i’m looking for is advice. figure the you guys here prob have a better idea as to what emultors are best for fighting games. what emulators would you suggest. what other games would you add to this? i’m not asking for roms, just the names emulators that would be better than what i have. the other idea i was throwing around was doing an advancemenu boot thumbdrive. thoughts any one.

i dunno if it’s alowed but when i’m done maybe i can post a zip (just the emu package no roms) for anyone who’s interested that’s ready togo. just download and uncompressed onto any thumb drive.


Theres arcade sticks that already have all these emulators on it. Hell, Some of them have the entire library :< So it can be done, But as to if it’ll with most games I dunno.


thanks for the reply, i figured as much, i knew it had to already have been done, i was just hoping to pick srks (collective)brain and see what people thought might be the better rout to go for emus. i guess in the end it’s mame or fba on the drive. still through it’s a sweet idea. then again chances are if your bring your stick somewhere other than home, they prob have streetfighter or what ever game it is you wanted to play.


you re going to need a external power supply for the hub since 1 usb port wont power all 3 devices…


Why not? I’ve seen it done with a cthulhu and + 360 pad + thumb drive using a hub, and each of those devices probably use 10mA each.


I say DO IT! This would be a great idea! Just like the idea that this guy who did the same with a NES pad. Check it.


man that is just sick, lol regardless if anyone here wants it or not i will post a package for people. if i’m going to go through all this work i might as well share it. this way it’ll save someone here the time to hunt it all down. but man that nes pad mod is sick.


I’ve been toying with a similar idea, but I wanted an actual PC built into the arcade panel. Probably laptop components, and a video output to connect straight to a TV. I don’t think it’s very realistic though, and if it is it would probably cost too much to make.


@KaosMIDIProphet: Wouldn’t that be bad for your hard drive with all the shaking when you’re playing on the arcade stick?

@028: The flash drive idea sounds really handy when you’re traveling alot. Especially for people who tend to forget things like their flash drives.


Well, if I did actually make one, I’d have it on a table because it would be too bulky to put on my lap. But like I said, it’s not very realistic. Would just be cool to have a portable arcade.


you could use a solid state HD ($$$$)