Fighting games with dignity

Heh, after reading the latest “why do people hate on anime games” thread, it made me wonder. Which fighting games are “politically correct”, that contain no content that would be embarassing to be seen playing by a mainstream person? If you think about Sports FGs like the boxing and MMA games, you can see what I mean about a “mainstream” game that doesnt require any excuses.

  • No lolis, children, schoolgirl uniforms, maids. (AH, MB, SFA)
  • No oversexualised female (or heck, male) characters. (KOF, DOA, SC, SF, Tekken, Marvel, SG, MK)
  • No tasteless gratuitious gore/violence (MK)
  • No racist stereotypes/parodies (SF2/4)
  • No wierd and silly things like pandas. (AH, Tekken, Marvel).

I guess the closest that I can think of would be VF, 3S, and Hokuto no Ken?
Although VF has some oversexualised female costumes, and 3S has a schoolgirl, and ChunLi/Elena are borderline in that game. Also 3S has Giant Naked Manboss & Urien.
I thought Last Blade was pretty tasteful too, but it has a little girl in it.
What about Fate Unlimited Codes? I dont know enough about the game to tell. Is that loli in it?
There was also that mecha fighting game by Capcom… but I dont know anything about the cast.