Fighting games with Humor:)


I luv fighting games. I luv serious fighting games like Street Fighter, MK, DOA, Soul Calibur V etc. I don’t play tourneys all that much but I luv the hype. But with the fighting game boom I kinda want some of the more silly concept fighters to come back as well. For example in Street Fighter X Tekken i luv Kuma’s fart special and also luv Johny cage nut punch. But I would also like to see some of the even crazy then Marvel games come back. Example Primal Rage. Fighting Dinosaurs goofy as hell and pretty much a MK clone but a fun game back in the day. Then for a while Clay Fighter was a big name. Now while I do luv the small tidbits of humor in fighting games as well as the super cereal aspects it be kool to see a goofy fighter. So far the closet is Super Smash which many debate whether is fighting game or not. So far the most humor in a game I have seen in combat is Skullgirls which I have and love but i felt they needed more character and the whole B-horror movie influence just made me yearn for Darkstalkers to make a comeback. Now most silly fighters kinda suck aka Fur Fighters and Ballz but I think nowadays they could be made well and coexist with the more serious fighters. Any one want to see a fighting game with as good mechanics as UMVC3 or Street Fighter but with a really silly tone to it? Like I don’t know having a vampire hunting Abraham Lincoln? (Oh wait…that’s a movie lol)


MK9 is pretty much humor, if a particular sort.

ALso, I don’t know if you’re doing it on purpose, but be prepared to get the fuck flamed out of you for " a fighting game with as good mechanics as UMVC3 or Street Fighter"


I hear ya dude. I think one of the best examples of a great game with humour is TF2. Serious and hilarious at the same time, with pro mechanics. (obviously not a fighting game but w/e)


you really like making threads dont you?


Lol I wasn’t trying to get flamed. But I feel most of the fighting games today have pretty good mechanics.Such as the following Street Fighter, Vs games, Soul calibur V or MK all fighting games have a certain style. And a lot of them I feel are pretty solid just personal preference. And yeah sorry for making so many threads. My 2 other ones Arcade thread was just me wanting an Arcade comeback (Which ever old gamer complains about) But basically it was just me whining about wanting the Arcade scene back. And the Casino thread well my friends convinced me as well as this site of how much a bad idea it was. Yet this thread is probably my fav. Because there plenty of games like Team Fortress Portal etc. that are known for their humor. And yes I do agree Mortal Kombat has a particular humor and a pretty good storyline (Was lil frustrating playing raiden versus Shao Kahn but w/e lol). But still MK takes many of characters and storylines seriously which I do luv. But I yearn for a full over the top game. like this Clayfighter [media=youtube]KssU0iwItdw[/media] Timekillers [media=youtube]W2_hzLmkpHs[/media] I guess i’m just silly lol. Trust me I own every fighting game that is going to be at EVO except KOFIII which I plan I buying. But I still would like a fighting game that doesn’t take seriously as far as characters and storyline but fun mechanics.


UMvC3 is the biggest joke ever.


While there are some moves that are filled with humor such as Frank West Shopping Cart. Rocket Raccon and Viewtful Joe etc. Many of the characters have serious storyline behind their characters which I luv. It’s a dream to see Dante and Vergil fighting along side Hulk and Iron Man. But talking more like the lines of Clay Fighter with a Karate chopping Easter Bunny and Sumo Wrestling Santa. UMVC3 is top tier fighting game in my opinion. But I believe that UMVC3 is popular because of it’s flashy moves and it’s air play mechanics. (One of the reasons I luv it) But it be kool to see a really good fighter be as funny as hell. Like where most of the moves are funny like infamous Johny Cages Nutpunch or Frank West Pie in your face, Kuma’s fart special in Street fighter X Tekken. They have really good Joke characters but being a fan of fighting games from the best I miss the joke games aka Clayfighter prime example. Heck when I was 13 I remember joining the Blockbuster video game tournament and Clay Fighter for the SNES was the game they a world tourney for. So I think that if one of the games would maybe make a new I.P. and make a funny fighter with good mechanics it could be popular. I mean Team Fortress and Conker’s Bad fur day are awesome to me. I mean I see funny characters in MUGEN all the time aka Chicken and Peter from Family Guy, Ronald Mcdonalds,. It has even be noted from Deadpool fans that in UMVC3 Deadpool’s move are funny enough and is funniest move is lvl 3 counter is very hard to pull off in a actually fight. (They even took is phrase of Bullets taste like chicken when is does is bang bang super). I just think it be kool to have fighter take it self a lil less seriously.


What do you have against proper spelling, Mr.Luv?


Please paragraphs and pontuation it’s too hard to read.
Umvc3 good mechanincs? lol no


I apologize about the bad grammar and long replies. Just curious why don’t people like UMVC3 mechanics? Is it because the game is a lot of air combat?


UmvC3 has great mechanics. Just has a few that are absolute shit (x-factor, impossible to counter on-reaction TACs, nonsensical damage scaling values on some characters)


its like kanta said, it has some good mechanics but others that are left to the taste of each one/ or how much they are capable to accept stuff that they dont like on a game where they have fun
it also doesnt help that they took good ideas/mechanics that have been done on other games but somehow manage to make them work bad compared to their sources

like a chain system where any hit its practically granted, contrary to other games with chains on them, and how they add the hitstun scaling, but give every attack a massive amount of hitstun making it basically pointless in general


Hey OP

You should try looking into the Guilty Gear series if you haven’t already :tup:

If you’re looking for silly stuff you’ll love characters like Faust, Slayer, and Zappa.

There’s BlazBlue also, with characters like Bang Shishigami and Taokaka


How many fighting games aren’t silly? Street Fighter is 70’s karate movie silly.

Just imagine you’re in a fight in real life and the guy you are fighting does a tatsu. How can this image be described as anything but silly? He’s flying around like a god damn helicopter. Wheeeeeee

Of course there’s still super over the top shit. Pretty much everything that draws inspiration from Darkstalkers or Marvel is going to be hilariously silly.


Power stone
Super gem fighters
Power instinct series
Waku Waku 7
Clay fighter 63 1/3


I have played the Guilty Gear series and Faust is one my alts. My main is Sol Bad Guy. And ya fighting game are pretty silly. But I was looking for more of joke game like Time Killers where you keep on fighting without your limbs. Also I think that I new Clay Fighter for next gens would be awesome.


sweet jesus I wish someone had told me about timekillers before, that looks like the biggest pile I’ve ever seen… why do I want to play it so badly now?


I’ve always found HNK to be pretty goofy, it takes itself pretty seriously but that only makes it funnier.


I noticed an interesting mechanic to have in the vid. To have a move that kills your opponent when the timer runs out. I like that. Kind of forces your opponent to switch to offensive strategy. But ya Fist of North Star is silly but still kool like the DBZ games. But I usually prefer fighting games that are their own franchises.


You could say Time Killers is a bit like HnK in a way, its fuckin’ stupid and utterly insane, but those things together make it great.

First hit decapitation makes your death combo look like some serious pansy shit.


when they designed MSP they had to have been doing a trollface