Fighting Games with the best netcode?


Wasn’t sure where the best place to put this was, but I have no arcades or anything like that in my area and none of my friends are even remotely interested in fighting games (we play a lot of league of legends and PC games), so in terms of fighting games I was wondering which games you guys think are the best for online play.


-Any game that uses GGPO (Darkstalkers Resurrection, 3rd Strike Online, Skullgirls, or the GGPO client itself obviously)
-ArcSys games (Persona, BlazBlue, Arcana Heart 3…Guilty Gear’s netcode is not as good, sadly)

-Street Fighter 4
-Street FIghter x Tekken


-Marvel vs Capcom 3
-King of Fighters XIII


I agree with celerity there but I have some games to list up whats good and decent… ok 2

good: soul caliber 5

decent: Tekken tag tournament 2


This 100%, though I understand MK9 is supposed to be quite good online, which makes Injustice’s bad netcode seem odd.


sfxt (ps3 version only) and vf5:fs should probably go right under ggpo


I feel like Soul Calibur 4 has pretty good net code. Didn’t really notice any lag from local to net


if only people play that game. I could never find a match even if I do a worldwide search :frowning:


Where do you live? No arcades doesn’t necessarily mean no players/scene.


Thanks for all the responses guys, I appreciate it. I already started playing SF4, but in terms of netcode it looks like I could benefit from looking into the ArcSys games or soul calibur. Shame that injustice doesn’t have good netcode, but they may patch it right? And @T37 Rampage im near the USF Tampa area. Even if there are small tournaments going on around me, i don’t think there is any place that I can just walk in and play. Also, im pretty new to fighting games in general so im not that good.


SSF4 and SFxT’s netcode is still plenty good enough for you to be an online warrior, if that’s what you’d prefer. Otherwise, I recommend starting out with Persona 4 Arena, since it’s the most popular and easiest to learn of the ArcSys fighters.

3D games I don’t know anything about, that’s the only reason I’m not recommending them.


There is totally a Tampa scene.

Google and 1 minute of my time: The Tampa Thread: Facebook: Tampa FGC

The last post has a link to a facebook group that is probably more active.

Say hi to Nobody for me, we used to hang out in St. Louis.

Honesty don’t worry about being awful, people are pretty accommodating about helping newbies in general. Just put yourself out there, and be friendly. Trust me on this.


@Celerity, thanks for pointing out that Persona is the most popular. Since I am fairly new to fighters in general and it will take considerable effort to try and learn a new game, I am glad that at the end there will be a decent amount of people to play it with:D And @Kikuichimonji, I’l check out those facebook groups, but like I said I don’t know about playing seasoned fighting game players in person yet lol. I wonder how groups like these work anyway, people set up lan sessions or something of that nature? Or is it mostly local tournament info? Either way thanks for the info, I appreciate it. If I do ever run into your friend, I’l definitely say hi for you.


Well you don’t need to set up LAN networks since they’re 2 player games. But yeah, that’s the general idea. People usually bring their own controllers, although most will let you use theirs if you ask nicely.

Trust me, going there is exactly what you should do if your goal is to improve as quickly as possible. You can’t teach yourself fundamentals, they have to be beaten into you by a better player. No one will make fun of you for sucking as long as you have a positive attitude and listen to advice.


Melty Blood with the caster.


Well, I guess I have no excuses then lol, I will definitely check it out. Thanks again for the help all, this is my first time using the forums on this website and im glad that I happened to run into helpful people with good information after making this post.


Even though SFxT and HDR use GGPO (or GGPO-like technology) I felt it was never really that good (at least on PS3 which is what I use). I never used the GGPO client on PC but I’ve used 2DF (similar technology) and I felt it was MUCH better than what we have on consoles. To the point where I didn’t even understand what rollback was because I never noticed it.


lets not compare stand alone ggpo client to ones that tries using it on console. GGPo pc on whole another level.

Suparc (aka Arclive)
anything with caster (blitzkampf caster, iamp caster, melty caster)

console (while personally i reccomend live over playstaion network)
Persona 4/ BB series


Hey there guys! I live in St Pete and i’m also brand spanking new to fighting games. Though i played tons of original Streetfighter.
I just tried to join the tampa fight group, so hopefully that will lead me in the right direction.

Nujabot, what games do you like so far? I’m loving Injustice, but i don’t like playing online due to lag. Also looking for people to help me learn more, get more serious etc.
I just hope there’s a good tampa fight scene! Would be awesome.

Question regarding this (I’m full noob mode)

Does this mean Skull Girls on the PC is better than Console? How is GGpo on a pc a whole different level, and a good level or a bad one?

Debating going for Skullgirls because i’ve heard such good things about the online and since i don’t know alot of people around here to practice seems like the best way.

Thanks guys! :smiley:


What he’s saying is that the standalone GGPO client ( is superior to games that use GGPO for their netcode.

As far as I know, every game’s netcode is nearly identical across ports, but of course it might be a little more or less laggy on each since you’re navigating a different network, and PSN/XBL/PC are going to handle things differently. In my opinion though, you should base your purchase on which console has the best scene for your game instead of worrying about shaving 10ms of latency.


odd, cause for me Injustice plays better than SF4 :confused: (xbox360) havent bought it for ps3 yet