Fighting games you plan to buy for this generation

What are the remaining fighting games you are planning to buy in this generation?

When NGBC and VF5 hit stores im definitely picking those up.

ngbc, kof2k/2k3 (for live), kof neowave, sc3 (i guess) and i guess thats it… unless garou is announced for us release then ill get that too.

The new Melty Blood, Rumblie Fish 2, and hopefully the new GG whenever it ever gets announce.

Ahh, Melty Blood! I forgot about that game, I really wanna try it out.

Is Melty Blood being ported?

NGBC, KOF '02/'02, RumbleFish, Power Instinct: Matrimelee, Last Blade 1 and 2, Guilty Gear XX, Super STreet Fighter Turbo Revival.

And prolly a few others…

Probably NGBC and Garou if it comes to the US.

I have no idea, i’ll be looking out for it though.

what is NGBC?

I’m looking forward to LB2 for PS2, that way I can get my friends to play it more.

LB2, SC3, and Marvel Nemesis(fanboy alert!).

NGBC and LB2.

Street fighter Ac (have it 3’s on the dreamcast)
King of fighters 2002/2003
rumble fish 1/2
king of fighters neo wave
neo geo battle collisum
soul calibur 3
capcom figfhting jam for x-box and thats about it

Why do they always release the fighting games for ps2 first and then for x-box? They should do it at the same time.

NGBC=Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

-King of Fighters 2002/2003
-Soul Calibur 3 (I still need to buy a ps2 for this…)

That’s about it for me. I’m still waiting for the announce of a new Guilty Gear game.

For sure
New Guilty Gear
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
Soul Calibur 3
Spectral vs. Generation

The Rumble Fish 2
Samurai Shodown AW
King of Fighters:Neowave

Hopefully all of these games come to the US on PS2 format

KoF Neowave, NGBC, CFE, and SC3

For sure:
SC3, unless it’s utter crap.
KOF Neowave

Vaporware that’s for sure:
any VF game

Next GG

I didn’t know VF5 was announced!

Even though it will never happen…I want that damn capcom fighting all stars