Fighting Hugo and Q

I just need alot of advise on how to fight Q and Hugo. HELP!! Juggles anti airs and so forth.

One question if someone jump’s in and you do the c. fierce and they perry what can you do after that? To not get hit?

from what i’ve seen or read


  • slow so abuse those booms
  • i’ve seen a vid of ryo chin where hugo would jump in ryo’s remy throws out a jab as parry bait and when hugo parried he would go into crouching fierce. i thought it was a nice tactic and i’ve only seen him to it against hugo
  • a nice combo on a crouching hugo i’ve read and seen
    jump in roundhouse, s.forward,high boom, cr. strong, high boom, cr. strong, low boom and can do super or c. roundhouse i think


  • rush that shit down! cuz if he gets three taunts in you’re gonna have a helluva time beating him (and he doesnt even have to go through the full taunt; as long as his feet stamp the ground it counts)
  • watch out for his C&DB(comand grab) traps and resets
  • and if he’s using super 1 then keep in mind that if you throw a boom standing close to him his SA 1 will go through it and hit you also if he has a SA 1 stocked careful jumping in on him because if he activates it when you are about to land from a jumpin he can still manage to connect ALL the hits from the super so beware and parry that shit grasshoppa!

hope that helps a bit

Yep thanx man.

yeah just dash under sometimes whenever hugo jumps at u

and for Q just use CBK mix up, it’ll stop him from thinking of even using C & DB