Fighting Hugo

What’s going on guys? I’m trying to find out what everyone’s strategy is as far as fighting hugo, I’m guessing it’s probably best to play Hugo using denjin, i normally use shin shoryuken but with the way hugo grappels it probably wouldn’t be as ideal.

I’m assuming the strategy (against a gigas breaker) is mainly to go denjin and try to play the corner game, c. mk, to keep away and then go for a denjin… im kind of a noob to playing advanced but i’ve been playing sf for a long time.

also… what does poke mean?

I think poke is a term that refers to using a move to try to catch your opponent while he is not blocking a a distance. Ryu’s low mk and standing far mk are great examples. When I’m in range, I’ll throw them out to try to catch my opponent, kind of like poking your opponent in hopes of getting a little bit of damage.

As for Hugo specifically, I don’t play Denjin, so I really can’t help. I don’t think Denjin is a bad super against Hugo, you just have to realize that Hugo’s stun bar is longer, so Denjin isn’t nearly as dangerous. Jumping beats throws, so if you notice your opponent going for throws a lot, just start jumping around. Since Hugo is tall, it’s easy to change up the timing on jump in attacks, so your opponent won’t be able to parry as well. And if your opponent has Gigas stocked, don’t stand next to him on wake up.

part of being a denjin player is knowing when to use denjin.

against tall crouchers, i taught myself to hit confirm crouching forward into tatsu. against tall crouchers i always use this instead of EX fireball, giving you the SA2 or SA3 you need without needing EX fireballs.

as far as hugo goes, his pokes are good, but not better than yours. if you’re playing a good hugo, the parries he can place will be very dangerous. it’s by no means an easy matchup when playing against a good player.

if you jump in with a late attack, you get backbreaker’d, if you jump in with an attack too early, you get parried into 360.

i’ll let you know how i play with denjin and shinkuu hadouken both againts hugo.

with denjin: i like to make use of that crossup tatsu. very easy to land on hugo as you may have already knew. hugo likes to jump at times, so i like to dash under and close fierce. when hugo jumps at you, you have the option to crouching fierce anti air, standing roundhouse, shoryuken at different times, jump back and roundhouse, jump towards and strong, and dash under and fierce, or dash under jab (SA1 after, but watch out for the belly flop). i like to use the jump in game more, along with pokes. even though you can very well lose in the jumping game, don’t give up. against SA3 hugo you have to know when to use denjin. the only time you should set up denjin is if he has no meter, and if he has a little of his stun bar filled. i don’t like to do a denjin on hugo when his stun bar is empty. if you have hugo cornered, you can definitely soften him up with some fierce attacks.

with shinkuu hadouken: i like to stay more grounded, and poke and use those EX fireballs. EX fireballs gives you mobility and gives you more chances to poke. ryu’s ground game is pretty solid, and if you play it out well he’ll have to take the risks instead of you. i like jump in strong, it gives you this floaty property if parried, and sometimes the 2nd hit hits if you’re low enough. i don’t have too much to say about this super since it’s pretty self-explanatory. just remember to hit confirm crouching forward into tatsu to save you some EX fireballs. and be prepared for a long fight since damage done to hugo isn’t as big as it is against others. don’t let the clock make you make mistakes. good luck :smile:

Against SA1 hugo, meaty uoh is a good option, because 360’s and 720’s can’t touch you. Also, when needed in point blank situations, jump back and immeadiately to hit him in the head because he is tall. This beats throws clean.

really good advice, yeah im playing someone soon that uses hugo, and constantly talking about their parry into gigas, but ive been practicing uoh and many other things… hopefully things go well.