fighting ibuki

this character gives me so many problems its not even funny. i try to play footsies, i get slide. i try to jump i get c.fp sjc something tricky. i try to pressure on wakeup and get put right back out with ex dp xx dagger super. she hops all over my head throwing daggers and such. help :(. you suck eli :sad: .

Ibuki is one of those bitches where you have to block till you see something, I play really defensive against her, using hp to prioritize her moves and c.hp as a sort of shield to get her off of me,, c.hp is good too

Watch Spellmaster-J in the SBO2 finals vs Ibuki, thats how I kinda play with dudley, just wait and punish accordingly

This stuff won’t solve the problems, but will make them less effective. As far as the slides go, try more UOH’s. For the dragon kicks, maybe swingback blows. A whiffed EX can’t be cancelled into super. I guess you could try parrying the c.hp. Although, this kid might sjc and air parry your counter, if he’s good. Maybe jump less but that puts you into the slide problem more. Will a j.hp trade? I don’t know.

Doom, have you considered that the ibuki might do that to you at the same time. If I used ibuki, I wouldn’t chase someone around all the time. If they stand back and charge meter, so will I. Maybe this kid moves outside poke range waiting for the jump. Also, jab traps work wonders on dudley and they are quite safe. And don’t forget ex hurricane kicks. How are you going to punish that? huh? HUH? Um, this is all heresay.

hmmm ibuki hmmmmmmmmm

for her ex kick move red parry the last hit then do whatever…

use sa3 it takes lots off her and not much she can do unless shes good at red parries.

use s.rh to AA her if she parries cancel to duck and super her from the other side

i know the dart shot can act as an anti sweep but its kinds risky i know if u do the move when urien or shoto’s try to sweep u it will hit their toe so i don’t know if this will work on the slide i never tested it… it works on elena’s slide so its possible…

ummm after a jump in ibuki players usually do chains so u can red parry after a jump in and punish…

doesn’t take long to bring her down

i already use sa3. s.rh is not a good aa once she has meter, and even still most of the time hes crossing me up with daggers or not jumping straight at me. btw if you guys are wondering, eli the ibuki player in sundu lol.

sundu’s ibuki also doesn’t take chip damage

I think it’s because he put’s in the 30 man code at the versus screen

epsilon, you should just pick SA1 and throw it out at random

See you ATL boys at FR this weekend, you’ll get to beat up on my Yun

yeah ill see you then man, we gotta get some matches in for sure. good luck.

I never tried it , but maybe you can “half-circle forward” + punch under her dagger and punish with an uppercut or something like that …
There’s also the parrying option for her c.fp …