Fighting Jam Japanese site

Nt sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but I just found this and wanna share it with you guys:

Capcom Japan site of Fighting Jam

that characters were drawn by Shinkiro on that website, right?

Yes, that’s Shinkiro.


I don’t mind saying the first time I heard of this game and saw the run time demo I was a little dissapointed.

However, over the past month the game has seeminly grown on me (after getting over the old reused sprites - which they may get rid of… perhaps). That and lots of capcom characters beating the snot out of each other is a good thing.

Plus its cool to see some of the character list in there - Though personally I hate Urien? Um, the Brother? of Gill. Cause I hate Gill, and his brother reminds me too much of him. No love for that man. And I don’t like the mummy dude shrugs But at least he plays different to a lot of people and isn’t Lilth/Morrigan.

Then again, disliking two out of the 22? 24? character selection isn’t bad going really.


Sano, that link ya shown is awsome, I love the cover.

Seeing two school girls take down a T-rex and a Giant Lion with a sword is going to be intresting.

Capcom reusing their sprites yet again.

Will the ever do a SF4?


I’m happy about the Game so far and I’ll leave it that!:slight_smile:

thanks alot udoneko for the website

Zangief!!! YES!!! Alex and Zangief in one game, I can die happy now. Urien and Karin are good news too.

If only Hugo was in there too. ;_;
Still, my next dream picks would be:

SF2: Fei Long, Blanka.
SFZ: Rainbow Mika, Gen.
SF3: Hugo? Q.
Warzard: The Ogre, The Harpy.
Vampire: Lilith, Jon Talbain.
Other: Poison (SF3 sprite).

List of characters that can’t be in the game coz they’re in a background:
SF2: Ken, T.Hawk, E.Honda, Cammy, Dee Jay, Sagat.
SFZ: Birdie, Nash, Cody, Dan, Sodom picture.
SF3: Sean, Makoto, Ibuki.
Warzard: That wizard guy, The Chimera,
Vampire: Lei Lei,
Other: Maki.

I think capcom rename it from Capcom Fighting Jam to Capcom Fighting Evolution

It’s pretty much a given Gouki will be in the game. In the last issue of Arcadia, Shinkiro did three portraits of characters and signed them. One was of Chun-Li, another was of Karin and the last one was of Gouki (AKA Akuma). This was before the Beta where it was revealed that Karin’s in the game. I hear Gouki’s name was mentioned during the Beta testing too.

Any links to Arcadia magazine for pics?

No scans On-Line that I know of.

I really hope vega makes it to the game cause he is one of my best in street fighter.I will also love to see pyron or sasquach in the game.

yeah, Pyron would be cool.

Fei Long and Hugo and Jon Talbain are out, I spotted them in a background.

People in Japan do not like Feilong. Besides, the game already has two Kung Fu Characters, Chun-Li and Yun.

They don’t like Gallon/J. Talbain in Japan either.

Hugo is doing his thing in SVC.

Pyron is possible though.

Where’d you hear they dont like Talbain or Fei Long?
Seems that feilong gets just as much credit as the other male new challengers, so what seperates him? I mean, weren’t there actually going to be two before that guy designed Dee Jay?

Yeah, there were originally going to be two Feilongs until Deejay was created, but the idea manifested later on in SF3 with Yun and Yang. Feilong’s not liked too much in Japan because he is TOO much of a Bruce Lee Clone. People outside of Japan seem to like him a lot more because he is a Bruce Lee Clone. It’s just one of those different cultural prefence things. Yun and Yang are both more popular than Feilong in Japan. Yun a little more, hence him being in CVS2 (Japanese Fans requested he be in the game. They also requested Elena and Alex but they didn’t make it in due to time restraints which is why they have background appearances.) and CFJ. Yun and Yang are based on Trowa and Duo from Gundam Wing. Duo’s the more popular one, hence Yun’s popularity. Still, they are not carbon copies like Feilong is.

I’ve heard people say Talbain/Gallon is not liked in Japan pretty darn near everywhere. It’s mostly from a Gameplaying standpoint.

I guess that explains why they are in the backgrounds. I would rather Hugo swapped with Zangief (SVC and CFJ) but oh well.

Actually now that you mention Elena, she would be a good choice for CFJ and I don’t think she’s in a background.

As a side note on Dee Jay - There is an old SNK game called Street Smart that has a character that looks like him and his standing pose is EXACTLY like his. Yeah, yeah I know he was apparently designed by Capcom America blah blah, but the similarity is just uncanny. I’ll try and find a pic.

Actually I doubt Gen will be picked from Alpha series as he wasn’t popular in V-ism.

Capcom stated that the Capcom Characters in the backgrounds (Not so much the SNK Characters in the backgrounds. They pretty much had free range with SNK) of CVS2 are characters they wanted to add, but couldn’t due to either Time Restraints, or it would take too long to debug them. They stated even adding someone as simple as Q was difficult due to the amount of Animations they needed to remove, and this was a problem with Alex and Elena, the process is really time consuming so for CVS2 they only did it with Chun-Li and Yun. It was previously done for CVS1 with Ryu, Ken and Gouki, but since they are all very much alike minus a head swap, a belt change, sandals and such, it’s not as hard.

They wanted to include Falcon from Power Stone that’s why he’s in the background. They couldn’t really include him because they wanted to come up with some sort of Power Stone Groove and it was rather tricky, so he only got a background appearance.

Another thing that was stated was that with the CVS Series they didn’t want it to be too whacky like the MVC series but wanted to create a serious Fighter that was easy to pick up, and only wanted to include serious fighters, that’s why characters like Megaman and Jill weren’t present. And Morrigan is only there due to fan outrage since the creators didn’t really want her in the game which is why her Sprite was never updated(but Capcom still should of updated her Sprite…)

This Information comes from an old Interview that appeared on the Net a few Months before CVS2 was released. You can tell the Interview was not fake because EVERYTHING in the Interview came true once CVS2 came out, including the info he gave on the hidden bosses, even if the interviewer was still a bit vague. He said that it would be two characters from the Game, and they will have powerful altered versions if you do really well, which of course turned out to be Gouki and Rugal and Shin Gouki and God Rugal.