Fighting Jin and Hakuman on Hell mode

I’m board right now, so I’d like to discuss a minor tip for fighting against these two. I main Ragna though, so these tips may be biased.

Jin - It would probably entice some of you to take out this supposedly hated character. Beating him on the hardest difficulty would let you feel absolutely superior. My strategy was useful, but not very badass to show off. Jin has an impulse to shoot his strong ice projectile stalagmite things at you; when he does this, you just jump dash over his attack and counter him. Jin will keep this up until somebody is KO’ed. I found this to be helpful, as he is more difficult to try and get close to otherwise.

Hakuman - Now this is the fighter that will test your best evasive and defensive tactics. Not only is he quick to counter/combo you in the corner, he has the power to greatly damage your health bar down to minimum in seconds. My tactic against Hakuman is to keep your guard up and avoid his stomping, and his long sword swipes. I don’t know if it’s me or that he has a consistency to throw you when the chance arises. If that’s true, make sure to watch out for his attempt to do so. Hakuman also has a great amount of defense/hp, take that in mind whenever you fight him. Just watch out for his moves accurately and attack him when you see the opportunity.

Again, I was using Ragna for this. I’m also just killing time just typing away the night. I hope these half ass tips come in handy, if not then, well, go to youtube I guess.