Fighting Kuma

So I see all these threads about what you can do with Kuma, but what I wanna know is what are my options against him? For example, I see a lot of good Kuma players using his Target Combo on people trying to jump on wake up and catching them in the whole damn thing. Or if they don’t jump, I see the bear eat them alive.

What are some good ‘Anti’ Kuma options?

Alpha counter a lot, so kuma has to play footsies. Not his strong point. Go through kumas moves and see which ones are overheads and can your char punish them.

Learn to deal with kumas reversals, have oki that avoids the frockling bear and is safe against ex-rekka

I just lost to a button mashing Kuma.

I am in the middle of the street, in the rain, on my knees, screaming to the sky:


get kuma in the corner witg no meter and he struggles to get out. hit high hit low mix him up a downed bear with meter is bad for the bear. kuma is a very momentum based character. on wake up you should be unpredictable to keep kuma guessing if kuma likes the target combo i think rolling should get you out