Fighting Layer help

Can anyone please post the move lists and names for all the characters moves?
(like Blair’s qcf+P which is called Fairy Gift, I think.) It was Ace’s move in Street Fighter EX3.
Also would anyone care to post a tier list for this game? I’d like to know about which fighters are the best choices.

To me(which I maybe wrong), Blair, Jigjid, Shang, Exodus, and Ajax seem pretty solid to me.
I’ve only played the game a little so any help would be appreciated.
I know the game is, like, ancient but I wonder why it never came out in the US.
It’s a pretty cool game. A lot diffrent from Street Fighter EX.

I’m also talking about the names for the moves and a tier division for the game.
And Blair’s fairy gift is qcfX2+P. My bad.