Fighting Layer

Can someone please give more information about this game? I only know that is made by Arika, and features allen and Blair {SF EX characters}.

How does this game playes?
Is better or worse than SF EX??

Thx in advance.

P.S I did a search on this game and did not found anything.

sorry I don’t have any answers although my local arcade used to have this, all I can remeber is fighting weird ass animals like sharks, lol. I’m going to join in by asking another question…

Does anyone know where I could pick up the soundtrack to this game, I’ve seen some combo vids and it reminded me alot of the EX soundtrack, is it by the same guys? shinji hosoe and the like? any info would be wickedy wick, wick, wicked.

Some Basic Info

It was released on the system 12 board (same as erghiez, tekken tag, soul calibar etc…)

And was supposed to be a japan only release.

The game has… unique characters to say the least. Including a professional wrestler, someone who appears to be a vampire, a hawk, tiger and shark, an alien, and a knight with a lance (who is a bonus stage character and a hidden last boss).

This game is more 3D than SFEX. ie side steping, on a small platform with walls (similar to TK4/SC but no ring outs).

Allen is a hidden midboss (IIRC he justice fists through a wall onto your enemy and you fight him).

Some moves have changed for blair and/or she got new moves.

Some of the new moves where featured in EX3 as moves you could buy for the editable character Ace (galaxy, fairy gift, killing bee to list a few).

All and all, its a pretty fun game, that feels like a mix between RS and SC.

For most people who don’t like EX, they find it superior to it, while I find it a bit too loose (hard to describe it) but fun none the less.

For the musical score, I have no idea who did it. But seeing how both EX and this game were made by ARIKA, it stands to reason that it could be the same sound team for both games.

I play the rom on my laptop every few days…MAD fun. This game is way moe fun than SFEX.

I don’t know how balanced the game is or anything, but for messing around playing against the comp it is a LOT of fun.

Im using a RadioShack USB PSX adapter w/ Zinc, to run this game, but doesn’t work. Can someone give advice on this?

I REALLY want to try this game…

Use Mame. Works for me, and I’m on the same setup.

Yeah, MAME seems to run it very well.

What version of MAME are you guys using? Im w/ o.64, but it does not found the ROM.

Also, can someone post the systems / Basics of this game?

If you know sf ex, you know a lot about this game.

Try Mame 106++u9 at the bottom of this page:

Thx everyone. The game runs like Shit , however, and the sound is very desynched. Any tips?

Another thing: This game has more gameplay features than EX. Can someone give me more information about this?