Fighting Music Request

I’m looking for some sick hip hop beats, or metal :rock: tracks to train 2 before super comes out. The combo videos on the home page have some sick tracks to go with them, like street fighter remixes that got me in the mood to make this thread.

So yeah, if you got any good Fighting songs that get you pumped to kick somebody’s @^&, post them here. ( I’m Looking for some good Street Fighter remixes, and not just the ez to find, yet extremely awesome OCRemix tracks. I’m talking about that underground stuff)

This always pump me up for gaming.


To be serious though, this is always a good song to go with for fighting games :

you want drum and bass.

check out any of andy c’s nightlife albums, 3 is the best imo and junglesound gold by pendulum is what i like to listen to when i need something fast and driving to play sf4 or mw2

im pretty sure people havwe made playlists on youtube for both so just give it a search.

Links for us lazy asses?

edit: If you’re wanting hip-hop, Army Of The Pharaohs, The Rza, Lupe Fiasco, Jedi Mind Tricks, Celph Titled, Jus Allah, Immortal Technique and Royce Da 5’9 are all dope as hell.
For metal, look to Motrhead, Three Inches of Blood, Diamond Head, Firehouse, Judas Priest, DIO, KMFDM, Lita Ford, Manowar, Megadeath, Ministry, Motley Crue, Prong, Riot, Savatage…the list goes on.
For techno/dnb, Justice. Period. End.

I rock to all that plus TOUHOU REMIXES. Japanimu weeaboo anime touhou BS music incoming!! Seriously though these are awesome remixes of Touhou music that are better suited as an accompaniment to stomping scrubs in SSFIV. Just clicking at random on related Youtube links will find a whole lotta good ones but I’m gonna stuff some random picks I’ve found over the past week in a playlist: :rock:

A lot of stuff in there is fast and loud and hardcore and will keep you on your A game. Favorite it or save it or whatever and I’ll keep adding to it as I find stuff – 20-some odd songs now and a lot more on the way.

Fuck all that techno shit, this is what I listen to: [media=youtube]lVdTQ3OPtGY"[/media]

[media=youtube]Ed7RXshFXOg&feature=PlayList&p=71BB3A4D75730485&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=48"[/media] Accept - Street Fighter
[media=youtube]4bCYmqeRpdM"[/media] Saxon - Street Fighting Gang
[media=youtube]LLyXNm64brU&feature=related"[/media] Nazareth - Expect No Mercy

Thanks for the links everybody. Checking them out right now.

Here’s something I found on the home page that’s bad@%$.

A Final Fantasy Hip Hop remix? That’s my kind of jam right there. Cant believe I haven’t found this myself yet, thanks!

I’m down for that type of insane Japanese DJ music, just can never find it myself. SAVED/SUBED! Keepem comin ;D

ACCEPT-Street Fighter: Any song with that much cowbell has to be good. Hands down :smiley:
SAXON- Street Fighting gang: Think if they had this for the intro for super. lol Awesome
NAZARETH- I’m diging the main lyric and the guitar riffs. Definitely using this for my training music ;D
Thanks for the great tracks.

I like things like this for training:

I like jungle but I know very little. Anyone got more?

Herbaliser is what I listen to the most while playing

try shy fx. hes holding it down for old school jungle.


Also one of my top tracks is Super Sharp Shooter by The Ganja Kru


Too raw!

now if you like jungle, you like drum and bass. prolly. dnb evolved from jungle and is less laid back and generally better for fighting game BGM (in my humble opinion)

peep this stuff for high quality DnB


SORRY bout the link dump… i basically just looked up some new stuff plus some DnB in my youtube favorites so go there if you want more of this.

sorry no sf4 uploads : (