Fighting necro!

this match is quiet hard. First off on combo linked to an electricsnake your almost stunned! There some set up where he can hit a 2nd electricsnake put it will stun if it hits. Also if u get cornered u can juggled (also of a neutral throw) badly. So it order to even stand a chance. 1 don’t take sa3 and if so block or guess parry. 2 watch out for long range limb attacks if fast enough dragon punch that. 3drill chance if able to parry low forward kick to combo. 4 necro’s best range is about sweep range keep in mind at such a range they can bait an attack punish with a chain into sa3. 5 rember that u have free corner cross up’s in the corner!:looney:

not tryna be a dick but, it’s hard to understand you bro :wonder:

is a good matchup for gouki (7-3 / 6-4)
because necro not have good answer vs gouki rushdown game
try zoning necro in air, and rushdown very close necro cant use selective tech because c.jab is very slow
he not have good weak up moves … i think this match up is very important “the game control” if you not take the game control you are conered and you die
drill are safe form right distance i think you can make a SA1 after a blocked SA3 of necro and you can grab he after a blocked strong roll
round house tasumaki is a very good vs necro he not have good answer vs this (he only can red parry o parry)
if you are conered think to much not try estupid escape block low and wait an atack and escape in weak up block low and see overheads moves if he is a good necro player he use mealty OUH linked b.forward etc and you are dead see this and block

excuse mi bad english


You need to be in control when playing this match. Necro has a very hard time dealing with a good rushdown from Akuma. Always use air fireballs, lots of hurricanes and demon flip mixups. Don’t be very predictable with the air fireball as he can comfortably send an electric snake to get you when you land.

Rethink your entire air game strategy if he chooses magnetic storm :mad: Judging from the Jiro match that we saw recently, learn the safest distance from which to throw air fireballs such that the magnetic storm super can’t suck you in.

You must be very careful about his
stun combos (usually start from and corner juggles

Teleporting out might be a bit too obvious i.e. something he’ll look out for. Try confusing him by teleporting back into the corner before teleporting out.

Always try and DRAGON PUNCH his drill kick. This move has zero recovery landing, so there isn’t much point in parrying it, unless you’re going to retaliate with a strong one hit move or something. If you can anticipate his jumps well, or are good at reading the infancy of his slow jump, go for the air hurricane juggles.

In Co-op 4, Uraken rushes the crap out of a Necro player. Was almost a double perfect :sweat: The trick is basically to keep mixing up so that Necro is never sure what to prepare for next. E.g. empty cross over,, HK hurricane OR cross over whiff divekick, demon flip grab (very common) etc etc