Fighting Pad or Fighting Stick?


I’ve been playing fighting games for as long as I can remember. But I want to get better, so should I start playing with a fighting pad or a fighting stick? Or should I first start out with a fighting pad and then move up to a fighting stick?


It’s a matter of preference.
Try both out…pick which is most comfortable for you.


Nah, that woun’t do you any good. Playing pad woun’t make you better at playing with a stick.
It will take some time to learn stick though. It took me half a year to get all moves down consistently. But it’s totally worth it in my opinion. Try both anyway.


Is there really a difference between the 40 dollar sticks and the 100 dollar ones, or are they basically the same?


Try both out and see what’s good but what stick you get will depend on you. If you want to go on a budget, get a cheaper stick and then buy buttons and if you got a little extra, replace the stick as well. My cousin bought a WWE Fightstick for $45 at Gamestop and then ordered buttons and a joystick for about 20 bucks so that’s only about $60-70 bucks for a good working joystick.


Thanks for the help everyone.