Fighting Q in Arcade Mode

A long time ago, I was playing on my Third Strike cabinet (Japanese No CD version) when upon beating my 7th or 8th opponent, a picture of Q showed up on the bottom of my screen.

I was then forced to fight Q in arcade mode. I beat him, then went on to beat the rest of the game.

I was wondering what happened, so I looked it up on GameFAQs and read a “code” that said I would fight Q if I cleared my 8th opponent without ever losing a round up to that point.

I have tried to duplicate this situation numerous times, but Q doesn’t come out anymore.

I forgot what character I was using the first time I fought him, so I was hoping someone could shed some light on this “easter egg.”

Dont lose a round i think:D

gotta win with supers too. i think 4-5.

That sounds about right.

Q’s theme is the best.


Get at least 80000 complete bonus (don’t lose a round for 6 fights in a row)

Get at least 5 super finishes

No grades below C

Get at least 3 SP points (gotten by having a grade for one opponent being better than the grade for the previous opponent)

You can ignore the super finish part if you’re using Elena with SA3, I’ve fought Q while using it, so they thought ahead enough to not force you to try to super finish the CPU with Healing.

This all must be done by the end of stage 7. I’ve seen some odd circumstances where you fight Q after stage 8 instead, but I’m not sure how it’s done.

This also works to fight CPU Akuma in 2I. Just use the Healing at any time, even at the start of a round, and win the round.