Fighting Remy (Cheesy ass)

how do you overcome a remy player who just shoots low and high projecticles (and ex every now and then)? also, they like to just chill there when u jump in and hit u with the flash kick, or the crouching fp into flashkick. the problem is, how to get into close range when all they do is throw the projecticles and by the time u get close in they hit you with a flashkick. it gets frustrating playing a remy player !!!:arazz:

Get in with straight jump air fireballs, occasionally throwing a jump forward one.

Watch the Uraken VS Pierrot and acho vid to get an idea.

Uraken’s play VS Pierrot is not a tutorial in this case. Uraken has just got lucky, there was no strict strategy and a lot of very risky mesh like demon flips(since Remy is always charging his Ma Cherie they are to be crashed). The main thing imo is WALKing up(not dashing - keep Ma Cherie in mind, be ready to parry/block) closer closer and try to throw him. Try to mix {mp,hp}, UOH and lk-demon flips(throw or late kick to follow with, -> SA1). And do not forget ur best friend,

DO NOT use tatsumaki and do not try to punish with B&B starting via - this girl is crouching fucking low! DO NOT HURRY! Fight her as much safe and sharp as u can!


I’ve referred to Urakens vid because the demon flips which he did throw out were based on his conditioning - the rest of the game he was mostly on the ground. He takes to the air a lot in the second round and loses it. Weirdly enough, you see him get lots of chances to combo in the second round but he doesn’t - mind games? But in the third round he goes all out and just rapes the guy.

Double co-signed on BnB against Remy. NEVER use the lk hurricane on him.

I guess it was just failed attempts to hit confirm into SA1 or SRK, how do you think? By the way, is {>lp.srk–>sa1} the best non-close punishment against crouching Remy? Oro?

Play smart. Don’t try to rush in so much, take your time and thow out some air fireballs. Zoning is always good against sit and wait players. Remember not to use the lk. tatsamaki. Just like Just_D_it and Harmonaz said, it will just whiff, unless you are punishing him when he is falling down from a flash kick. Remember that Remy is going to like to wake up with EX Flash Kicks alot so make sure you don’t get in his face when he is grounded. If your good at parrying parry his LOV’s and those wierd jump kick things. Remy’s usually mix it up between the jump kicks, throws, and dash in lows. Make sure that your throw teching and parrying are top notch in this match up. Kara throwing is your friend in the wake up mind games. Just sit back a little when Remy is getting back up and if he doesn’t flash kick go ahead for the kara throw. Keep the pressure on him when you get the chance but don’t rush in recklessly or you will get punished.

Nah man - failed attempts as in light light, reset and even punishment at times. And in no other games do I see him miss stuff. His execution is just too smooth.

Best punishment against those characters - honestly dont remember but I did check once. I think it is the one you said if you use bar, and the mk hurricane to mp dragon without, but not sure at the moment… For some reason - when I’ve recently faced that situation, I just did HP into HP dragon :xeye:

BGs to me for playing live today instead of going into training mode :tdown:

thanks for the help fellas.

I dive kick to get in. It helps navigating the LOV’s.

And if their flash kick happy you can bait the flash kick and usually land a fierce xx hp dp for sizeable damage.

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Sure sounds like a scrub Remy to me. I just played one the other week and if Akuma’s divekicks or flip dives can be used for spacing anywhere near the Twins style then you should have no problem.

I used Yang and just lk / mk dived my way closer to him over LOV’s while keeping myself out of flash range and then baiting out those flashes and buttraping Remy on landing.

Also if the only thing they do is throw LOV’s in the distance and you find it boring then start parrying them all: You get meter for free and you get to see how long they can do it without getting bored of it themselves (although, I don’t think they’ll get bored too soon, they wouldn’t be playing like that if they would…)

EDIT: Oh yeah, if they start being careful with their flashes and not falling for baits anymore, then it’s time to learn to air-parry that shit.
If you can do it then empty jumping is pretty much the most effective thing you can do to a Remy who is just sitting in the corner and not moving an inch. Changes are that kind of players will throw out flash once they see your jumping.

The twins can easily navigate lovs with their divekicks. They have three different angles for the kicks, plus they can do it off straight jumps as well. Akuma only has one type of divekick, and using that on reaction to go over a lov will never work since Remy will have comfortably recovered by then. Basically, divekicks are for getting in, not getting around lovs. Its very easy for Remy to throw a lov then go into flashkick straight away with some basic charge buffering.

A good Remy will not use lovs once you get in close. From far away, UOH over low lovs and crouch under high ones, walking forward just a little bit every now and then. Always look to use RH sweep if Remy throws a high lov fairly close to you. If you anticipate a lov when you’re just outside sweep range, try throwing out a fireball xx sa1. It’ll cancel the lov and remy will eat a full super. Its very hard to actually do this - the point, I think, is to stop Remy from throwing the close lovs which will help you move in closer. At that range, he can’t really punish you after blocking the super.

If close to Remy and you see him STANDING, go for demon flip mixups. His cr.HP doesn’t usually have the priority to out-do the demon flip options. If it looks like he’s charging and waiting, use straight jump air fireballs from outside flash kick range.

When he starts rushing you, look out for the kara throw. Remy has two kara throws - mp and HK. The HK one is slow, but has crazy range. He has very fast light ticks which he’ll use to keep you away, so low parries when you get in close. Also be ready for the lov, dash in setups.

If you’re up against a scrub Remy who throws out full screen SA1 every now and then, dump a air SA1 on him. Looks kinda cool with all those fireballs on the screen and game even slows down a bit during that time :rofl:

Remy has to work less to get hits on Akuma, but he’ll never get more than 2 or 3 hits in at any time. Its therefore important that you stay in control and not let him slowly chip away at your baby girl health.

I may have mentioned this before, but abuse Akuma’s axe kick (close HK) on Remy - if you do it right he’ll be stunned very soon. I usually try and do this by getting in with divekicks and following up with the axe kick. One divekick and axekick will build up more than 50% stun on Remy I think which will put them on the defensive.

For those who haven’t yet - please download the acho vid where Yuki beats Pierrot and the Uraken VS Pierrot vid from co-op cup 4. In both cases the first two rounds are just lots of conditioning, but the final rounds were always Akuma rushing down Remy. I still need to analyse and understand these things further…

where can i find the vid? i went on the japanese sites n shit, couldnt encode the text at all.:sad:

Its on the filefront space where I put all the akuma vids I can.

Sometimes the site is just shitty, other times you can download files without any problems.

Lol parry the goddamn 1 hit flash kick… what’s so hard about it?

Cuz EX flash kick will own any jump in Akuma has and can go through air fireballs. Remy doesn’t even need regular flash kick against Akuma. All of Akuma’s jump ins will trade or beat out regular flash kicks.

oh man, the axe kick! ill never lose to a remy again