Fighting Ryu

Recently I’ve come across a lot of Ryu players who pick the Charge (stun) Hadouken super art…it really does well against Akuma let along with Ryu’s normal attacks. Ryu is a really strong character and gets Akuma’s stun bar up quick. What tips and advice would you give when fighting a good Ryu player?


haha shoot right after tx showdown (mopreme and valle in the finals… denjin battle), everyone started using ryu/denjin here. but yeah, reversal teleport should work. I know supers will stop akuma from teleporting and own him… but its a certain distance or something. dunno. reversal teleport should work most of the time though

Unless the Ryu player is much better than you, this match is in your favour. You have to take advantage of your extra speed and strong air game.

As for Denjin - you should be able to teleport through every single one of them. A very good Denjin Ryu player will change his super against Akuma.

Every single Japanese matchup I’ve seen between Ryu and Akuma always goes to Akuma. Go to and find a video between Dot(Akuma) and Ruu(Ryu) from the kyushu taikai tournament.

When I get a chance, I’ll upload a few videos of me playing against one of UK’s best Ryu players from a recent ranking battle.

ok, thanks bro

You should be able to find them on Filefront.

thanks harmonaz