Fighting Seth in SFIV

I’m pretty new to SF and and still reading up on how to tackle situations and still trying to get combos down more than 50% of the time. I’ve worked my way up to Medium difficulty, but I can’t make any headway on Seth. I’m currently focusing on Ken, and am making no headway. What are some strategies to avoid getting practically perfected by this monster?

For an AI Seth, try with all of your might to refrain from jumping at him. This is true for real matches too, but the reaction speeds of the CPU is just stupidly quick, and he’ll shoryuken any jumpin efforts you try.

He uses teleport when you’re knocked down so that you miss any attempt at a reversal shoryukens when you’re getting up. So just try to use a technical stand (easily done by just mashing directions and a few buttons for half a sec) and he should only have time to teleport once, instead of 3 times, after which, he’ll still be full screen, instead of in your face ready to grab you.

The CPU usually throws sonic booms for a while, and then uses a wall jump from full screen to get in on you. This usually is just an ariel attack followed by either a spinning piledriver, or that annoying kick string where you spaz out during its animation. So just be ready for the jump, block whilst standing because arial attacks can’t be blocked whilst crouching in the majority of cases, and if you block it, be ready to throw out a move of your own, to counter his command throw piledriver, and whatever normal move he cancels into his annoying machine gun kick thing with. The Shoryuken’s invincibility frames will make this a lot easier.

If that doesn’t work, seeing as it’s only medium difficulty you could try this:

Start! - Fwd jump + Heavy Kick > Crouching + Heavy Kick - Level 3 Focus Attack - Level 3 Focus Attack - Level 3 Focus Attack… I take it you get the picture! Retarded, but effective (not on any human opponent). This works up to about the Hard difficulty.

And if even that doesn’t work for you, you could just use Zangief and spam his lariat move which is done using all three punches. The CPU has no answer for it. This works for all difficulties.

I just blocked and shoryuken whenever he jumped at me and then try to mash out a combo while he was getting up or throw him for some more damage. I do agree the AI can be stupidly quick at countering.

Oh and if you ever try Abel just keep using whirlwind throw when he gets up he won’t try to counter he will just die…least he never did to me.

Even trying these things, I can hardly get a move in. I get tossed around like a ragdoll and nothing I do come close to blocking or countering. I’m fine fighting almost anyone to here but I can’t get close to beating this guy, and I really don’t want o have to try to learn a whole new fighting style just for one match.

Putting it lightly I don’t think I beat him on normal myself I think I rage quit and beat it on easy just because of him.

But ya I have found that if you try to jump the sonic booms but stay out of shoryuken range It might be your best bet.

I was having the same trouble you had with Seth before but now I can beat him pretty routinely.

a) If you want to be “cheap”, the AI has a massive problem with focus attacks after knockdown - get a knockdown on Seth and start charging a level 3 FA. Seth won’t react on wakeup and the level 3 will connect. Seriously. Akuma won’t react, and I know this because I destroyed Akuma last night using this tactic as an experiment.

b) His crouching punch can be strong punched depending on your timing.

c) Seth’s “Become a part of me” Ultra can be blocked low. I used to get nailed by this all the time.

d) When Seth does a combo on you, block it and reply with crouch MK->FB or your combo of choice. He never learns from this, leaves himself open tons.

Amen to that. That’s what I did when I couldn’t make it halfway through on Medium and decided to tone it down. I’m somewhat of an achievement whore and am just trying to get this done on Medium before I move on to online matches, which I have done very little of. I think I’ll practice more and try this again when I have more time.

At least Microsoft’s controllers are pretty durable… I mean, mine still works.

Quite possibly the BEST explanation for dealing with AI Seth I have ever read. Wish I had this advice back when I was throwing my fightstick at my TV after losing to him 5 times straight.