Fighting Shin Akuma

Hi there,

What are the requirements to fight Shin Akuma (Dreamcast version)? For some stupid reason, everytime I satisfy the criteria (1500 GP points, Finest KO, beat middle boss), I ALWAYS fight God Rugal. This has happened 4 out of 4 times that I have tried, and I don’t know why I can’t fight Shin Akuma.

I’ve tried using SNK characters, I’ve tried using the S, N and K grooves and different team combinations, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Is Shin Akuma actually in the Dreamcast version? If so, how the hell do you fight him?

It’s random. I’ve fought both S. Akuma & G. Rugal w/ the same groove and same team several times. Keep trying and eventually you get them.

I think for Rugal you need a Capcom guy as your first, and Akuma/Gouki you need an SNK char as your first. I always fight S.Akuma when I choose K-All SNK team…

I read somewhere that for Shin Akuma, you need 800 to 1199 groove points, and at 1200 or above, you fight either Shin Akuma or God Rugal–and that which one you get depends on which groove you select. I did notice with P-groove that I did get Shin Akuma at below 1199, and I did get God Rugal at above 1200, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right.