Fighting Spencer



How do you approach this match-up? It seems like Spencer’s grapple out prioritizes all of Doom’s moves. When I try the air finger lasers I just get reeled in and if I try a foot dive I get reeled in as well.


Its definitely tough. Ill try and post more about it at a later date but all I can say is look for oppourtunities to air throw him when hes zipping around. Sphere Flame works as a good anti air when hes trying to get on top of you.


I try to avoid playing the matchup with doom by getting a throw at the start of the match and do the 1-touch kill combo. However, if you find yourself at a neutral state against spencer just stay full screen throwing plasma beam, but be sure to not throw the beam if spencer is already shooting his grapple.
Once spencer is in blockstun of 1 plasma beam you can keep shooting plasma beam, call drones to cover yourself if spencer jumps and uses his zipline to get in. Sometime drones or other assists won’t cover spencer’s super jump > zipline so in this situation cancel the plasma beam into sphere flame as an antiair. Spencer has a hard time getting in on doom from fullscreen imo.


Remember that you can air throw Spencer out of his zipline approach. It’s hard to do but it’s by far your best bet imo.


Airgrab like the previous people mentioned. Also, if you usually throw out L.air photon in the air, avoid doing so because he can just dash under you and do the, which goes through the photon.

Fullscreen, photon cannon beats bionic arm. You can grab a blocked bionic arm, but watch out for the xfactor->high/low mixup or command grab. Only throw out heavy photon cannon when you are sure he can’t/won’t zip over, otherwise he gets a free opener.

Something I find works is superjumping and when they zipline, airdash downback and hit them with the j.m -> s.L, s.M, S, xxxxxx.


Basically what everyone has mentioned, most Spencers like to do the air zipline with a beam/projectile assist, so just bait it, air throw and KILL HIM.
this is not a favorable match up , another thing to try is to punish his air ziplines with sphere flame/photon array(to catch the assist as well), you wont have to worry about a bionic arm while hes in the air and he has no air hyper to do a dhc, use this against him, and maybe even x factor him, i definitely do so if playing someone who built their team around point spencer.


I think the best bet is an Anti-Air assist, when i use doom i use Dante’ Jam Session, it is very good against that Zip line approaching.