Fighting Stick 2 Modifiation


Hi everyone i’m new here, but if you don’t mind me asking and i know this has been asked before (my deepest apoligies) is there any way to mod the FS2 button and stick. Do i have to do a pad hack if i want different parts. just asking


This information died along with some guy who posted a modded FS2 in the custom stick thread


Not really…I just put one up the other day. Here’s a pic.

You can mod both the stick and buttons on this. It’s actually one of the easiest mods to replace parts but as with a lot of stock sticks, it has a PCB that is directly soldered to the buttons.

The case is also deep enough to put in any Sanwa or Seimitsu without problems.



if i may ask what are the parts you used for the sitck and the buttons, where did you get them?

do i have to change the PCB on this one?


I used a Sanwa JLF joystick and OBSF-30 buttons. I get them from

You can see the thread on SRK here:

You never HAVE to replace a PCB. It depends on what you want to do.



some HSF2s don’t have soldered buttons.
they use black rubber contacts that degrade over time, like the PS2 controllers.
you’ll need to wire the buttons if you have this type of HSF2.


thanks for your help.

how did put the artwork on yours?

i’ll check my HSF2 to see if it has that


oh btw, two of the HFS2s i’ve modded have tabs on the button holes. and the button holes were kinda smaller than sanwa, so i had to file them a bit.


ok thanks

my joystick finally died it’s not responing at all


and that’s how you know it has to be modded.


i want to change the PCB in the FS2 to a PS1 PCB :sweat:


Hmm… Play-Asia canceled my HRAP order.

Any guides on how to do the FS2 mod?


Sry for double post…

Any tips on how to mount an LS-32-01 (or a stick in general) on this thing?


Never mind… Figgered’ it out. Hassle to a lesser extent than what I imagined, rly.


So how do you mount the ls-32 or ls-32-01 on this thing?

Sry for necroing this thread its just that bought a hori fighting stick 2 to play on wii/pc/ps2 and i really wanted to mount a ls-32 on it and i dont have a lot of experience with modding

i’ve look all over the forum and even googled it but i couldn’t find anything, except that it’s very easy to do it with a sanwa JLF but i really rather use seimitsu’s stick


Okay wait, since this is in the Hori FightingStick line, it has 8 buttons, right? I see Start and Select, L3 and R3, turbo function, AND the ability to switch the joystick as D-pad, left analog, and right analog sticks?! Holy hell, this thing has the freaking greatest feature set EVER!


That’s one of the reasons i bought it

i just wish the joystick was better like ls-32


did one myself recently. Not that easy a mod, since you have to desolder and dremel the holes slightly with a grinding wheel, but apart from that it’s pretty straightforward.

Changed the stick to a jlf and buttons to sanwas.


Thx for the help Infoseeker =]

Is it true that without the mounting plate the JLF has two screwholes that match perfectly with the original holes where the original hori stick was mounted?