Fighting Stick 3 hand positions

So I read the FAQ on Arcade sticks, but I’m still confused on how to position your fingers. I use a Fighting Stick 3 (The picture’s so you can see the button positioning, obviously).

I normally have my fingers spread out, so I have one finger over each button, and I slide between rows, but obviously this works terribly. Does anyone have some advice on some combo friendly finger positions? Thanks.

How long have you been using a stick?

The home row, so to speak, for me is the punch row. I have my index on jab, middle on strong and ring on fierce. If I’m going to use 1 kick button, depending on the one, I’ll just move a finger down while keeping my hand in place. So, if I were to use short, I’d move my index down. Forward, I use my middle finger. Roundhouse, I lower my ring. I don’t move my entire hand down one bit, unless I’m doing ex kick moves or 3k moves and it’s very little to slide so it’s not awkward, delayed, hard etc. at all. Works fine. If I want to do a throw, I personally will tilt my hand leftish so that I’m using my middle on jab, and index on short. Another way to do it is to simply use your thumb on short and not have to move your hand at all as your index will already be on jab. For focus, I tilt my hand leftward so that middle finger is on strong and index is on forward, similarly with taunt. Some people use their middle on strong and thumb on forward for that one, and other people use use their entire middle finger to press both. Whatever you find to be most comfortable. Yet still, there are gonna be sometimes where your usually postioning wont cut it for certain combos, so you’re going to have adjust positioning and such, but it’s not hard and takes you only seconds to figure out. Also I want to add, when you get confortable enough with the stick, you’ll use whatever ever freaking finger for different combos, it’s just what works. But it seems like to me you just lack experience with the stick more than anything else. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I go with whatever is comfortable for whatever I’m trying to pull off. For throws and focus my thumb hits the kicks, for longer kick chains I might move my fingers. I don’t typically REST my fingers on the buttons, I might hover over them but I find if I actually let my fingers rest on the buttons it slows me down for plinking/double tapping.