Fighting Stick 3 on PC?

Sorry if this topic has been done before, but I tried to use the search function on the top of the fourms and it seemed not to work for me. Anyways, I just wanted to know if there is any way to get this stick to work on the PC? Because when I go to control panel > game controllers, it is listed there, it just doesn’t recognize any inputs. I did some research online, and the closest I found was a driver written by a guy named rale, which was poorly done, and doesn’t work on 95% of computers for some reason. Anyways, after tons of searching, I decided to sign up and ask SRK for some help. Is there any alternate drivers for the stick which have been released?

Thanks in advance.

nope. if it doesn’t work out of the box with your PC, it never will.

This was my first post here a month ago.

And they answered me with:

Hope you stick around, it’s a great forum with great people.

What RockLee said applies to most people (including me), but hopefully the tutorial in the thread I linked helps.

Alright thanks for the replies, I’ll try it out… If it doesn’t work, w/e, I’ll just use it as a PS3 stick.