Fighting Stick EX2 question

I tried doing a search but I keep getting an empty page. No idea if its my browser or SRK.

The question I have is simple, does the cord have a break off attachment like the old Xbox cords do? I ask because I got one from Gamestop yesterday and the end of it doesn’t go into the 360. It looks more like a GC cord in regards to how round it is as opposed to flat like a USB input.

yep, a break of usb cord.

If you lost yours they sell them with any wired xbox360 contoller.

Another question. Does the EX2 use a common ground for both buttons and the stick?? Can a daisy chain ground be done?

Im really not the one to be3 answering this, but I think everything is directly soldered, um if that answers the question, if it doesnt completely ignore this post.

Yea, it does. I modified one before and soldered everything but I wanted to know if I could save myself the headache and use a common daisy chain ground but I guess not :arazz:

Nope, the buttons and directions use a matrix like the original MS pads do. Check the padhacking thread, there are a few MadCatz controllers that use a common ground.

Thanks for the tip!

I have an old MASSystems stick that I can use for a madcatz project. I’ll go check out that thread!