Fighting Stick For PS3 Inquiry

I recently purchased Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for the PS2 (Currently being used on my PS3 --PS2 died years ago) and i am just wondering which would be the best fighting stick for SF:AA on the PS3? Any ideas?

PS: Can you tell that i’m a newb when it comes to fighting games? I’m sure you can!

good…you guard canceled…nice but other post you made might be mag-ed down

im not sure about best fighting stick because everyone had different styles.small hands,big hands, buttons, etc. what type of stick are you looking for? like give more detail

Yeah, i saw that there was a tech talk forum, so i assumed my other post would be deleted or moved down here…

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I have medium sized hands (yes yes, (insert man-hood joke) Pretty much anything that works for the PS3 with PS2 games (mainly street fighter… actually only) and with a flat line button layout as opposed to arched layout.

no such things exist yet, only ps3 sticks out there are ones with the jap layout(arched)
sorry dude.

blast… thanks though

custom ps2 stick with ps3 converter

^ oh yea…that

get a MAS SYSTEMS stick
best happ stick on the market
if *someone *says to get a sf:ac and mod it, ignore them too much work and no p360

Not to mention for the price SFAC sticks are going for nowadays you will probaby spend less money getting a MAS.

p360s aren’t really the stick you want to go for unless you’re into marvel, imo. I’d recommed the competition sticks.

Only problem is, if your not local, MAS will probably take you a few months to get since they are hella back ordered.

If you go with a MAS contact the guys at I’ve mentioned them a few times on the forum in regards to MAS sticks, but in short they are resellers located near MAS. This means when you order through them they go to MAS themselves and have the sticks made on the spot. I ordered one from them a month or so ago and the time from ordering to actually getting the stick was a week and a half.

Oh wow, i did not expect this many replies. Nonetheless, thank you. However, now i do have one other question. You are talking about MAS controller for SF:AC. Would it also be good for other SF games?

yes of course ^^

well, consider it ordered. :smiley: Thanks

glad to help

I do have one last question before i press “Confirm” on this bad boy. This will work on the PS3 using a PS2 adapter with the following games

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Any other street fighter/capcom/snk fighting game


Thank you before hand.


My bad, one FINAL question.

I’m a heavy MVC2 player, I need the p360, timing down to 1 frame is important.

PS2-PS3 converting a mas stick… lag enough to worry? I got an X arcade. It’s trash. I don’t even touch it.

I recently narrowed it down to the HRAP3, VSHG, MAS… I’m preferring the MAS for the American style.

What about the new HRAP3 SA? Difference? digital/analog switch? what what?