Fighting stick noob questions

I have read this forum for awhile for tactics but I just recently got my first stick for home, so I figured I would finally sign up to ask some questions.

I got a cheapo madkatz stick like this one - MadCatz Street Fighter IV Fight Stick mostly because I was able to pick it up in person and I didn’t really know what I was looking for yet. I am a long time arcade player from back in the day but in recent years I had just suffered with a pad instead.
My only real complaints are that the stick itself just seems super finicky which sometimes makes me wiff on a move that I know I would have hit in the arcade, and I don’t like the square gate.
I cannot decide if I want to order some new parts and frankestein this thing out, or just buy a new stick. I was looking at a HRAP and most people seem pretty happy with that, and since I am not hardcore enough (yet) to care about looks if a HRAP is a good as a custom one I would prob just order that.
For price I guess I would like to be less than 150$, but if something was really worth it I would spend more.

Thanks in advance for reading my rambling post :slight_smile:

Get some new parts. The Madcatz SE is an amazing stick when it comes to modding.

old school stick player= octagon gate with a bat top and some sanwa buttons. idk ive owned a madcatz se stick before and i modded out the whole thing and i ended up paying the same amount it would cost to buy a madcatz te stick so if i was you i would just aim for a madcatz te stick because theres no real swapping in stock parts needed unless you want to change the gate and ball top. buttons and stick are already sanwa and case for the te is real heavy/sturdy so it feels really comfortable while holding in your lap if your big person lol

Just to be sure you mean one of these right? Street Fighter IV FightStick: Playstation 3: Video Games

A bat stick (lol I always called them teardrops for some reason) would be preferred but not worth worrying about for me. I just hear so much madkatz hate that I was scared off of spending money one their products. Playing other types of games I have run into alot of hori supporters but I wasn’t sure if their good flightsim products carried over into the fighting market as well.

well in the past the products used to be real bad like controllers etc… but now there sticks are really great. the te is a really good stick if you go to tournaments you will see people using alot of those kinds of sticks and a majority with a hrap but if you dont mind the te stick is ready to play with out the box no mods needed. the hrap has gotten good reviews to so i would say hori is a good brand to look into also. so the best advice i can give you is go for the cheapest hrap or te you see there both high quality sticks. also to answer your question in that link you provided yes that is the stick im talking about.

Sounds like you should drop a different spring in there. Look at and look for LS-33 spring. You can probably get them somewhere else for cheaper but thats just where my friend linked me one day. In the end I just went and got one from him. word Pop that in there and it will stiffen that shit up so you wont be doing inputs you dont mean to.

yeah i did that spring mod its fairly easy to do and the stick feels nice and firm i think they do bigger springs with the octagon gate and bat top to get that happ stick feel

I’d just mod the SE with real arcade parts. You don’t need to buy a new stick for that. Stick to stock stuff for now, IE, square gate JLF, standard spring, and sanwa buttons.

No. Octagon gates on JLFs are really pretty horrible. They feel nothing like American sticks. At all.