Fighting Stick Question


Hello, long time reader first time posting. I’ve recently begun to use a fighting pad, it’s the BlazBlue PS3 edition. My main annoyance which I think will help me get down the use of the stick a bit better is the ball head. It will spin when I do a left hadouken motion, is there something that can be purchased besides a copious amount of crazy glue to stop the motion?


You can open up the stick with a #3 Metric Allen wrench and tighten the balltop with a flathead screwdriver. If that doesn’t work, then you can use Blue Loctite, but generally the screwdriver will do it.


Are you saying that it just spins/twists, or it comes off entirely from the shaft?
If it’s the former; it’s supposed to do that. All Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ, IL, and whatever sticks are supposed to be able to spin on themselves.
If it’s the latter, do what Nerrage suggested above.


Went ahead and opened it, it was a bit loose. Just wanted to be sure before I went in and did something I can’t repair.