Fighting stick question


I got an old Xbox 360 MadCatz TE fighting stick.
It is about 5 years old and of course not working on my PS4.

Because I am planning to get Tekken 7 in 2 weeks.
I am thinking about getting a new Qanba drone or a Xbox 360 to PS4 converter to revive my old TE fighting stick.

please advise.


Put a Brook Universal Fighting Board or a Brook PS4+ (with sound) in your old madcatz.


I… I am not so sure I am comfortable with cutting a hole or replace PCB…


Buy a PS4-compatible fightstick then. Your current options are severely limited [nothing] with an XInput stick on a PS4.
The possibilities are almost endless. Mad Catz (what’s left), Hori, Razer, Qanba, et. al. All you need is that CA$H-m0n€¥


You could just buy a Brook converter. 360 to PS4 converter. See here:

You want the green 360/Xone to PS4 converter.


Get a cheap hori mini 4 and swap the pcb in to your TE

Forget Brooks board. Why pay big money for a pcb you have to update


Because touch pad button is great button to have nowadays.


Good point. Totally forgot about those converters!


Yeah, a 360 to PS4 Brook converter sounds like the perfect solution for you.