Fighting Stick Retailers in Toronto/GTA?

Are there any places in Toronto or the GTA that people can recommend where i may be able to find Arcade sticks?. I’ve been looking to buy a HRAP3 for the last week or so, I’ve checked Pacific mall. 1 guy at a store in there says they sell them for about 100 with tax but have been sold out for a while and he has no clue when they will get more. Another place called C&A in downtown T.O. has them but they want 199.99 before tax, that is a bit further than im willing to go price wise. It seems like some places are price gouging with the release of SF4.

I’ve searched all over the internet and cant find a damn thing about any other stores that sell these types of things in the GTA and i figured this would be the best place to ask about it from people who know about these types of things.

Any store recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

online retailers seem to have a long waiting period for the HRAP3 from what I’ve seen and im looking to have a stick by the end of the weekend.

if this is the wrong forum for this i apologize

i figured i’d help u bump this cuz im also lookin for an answer. some places online ship to canada but charge a lot for shippin so thats out of the question like some ebay sellers.

check for their location of the actual store in Toronto. It’s close to 401 and Kipling. They had the cheap Hori EX2’s there for $59 and with a Sanwa mod you can have a stick as good or better than the TE stick because of the 6 button layout. I also heard they might have some other sticks in stock too.