Fighting stick screws

im needing the screws that hold the stick to the actual case. im giving my old fighting stick to a friend and cant find the screws i need to put it back together. i found the top 6 (i have a madcatz te stick… i think thats what it is. i forget tbh) online from but i cant find the 4 holding the stick on.

someone help me please? thanks

They’re not the same exact screws as the TE, but you can find replacement ones here:

He looking for the bottom panel screws not the top panel.

If you got any of the bottom panel screws, you can take one to a hardware store and see if any small wood screws would match as a replacment

Not to step on any toes here, but I think he might be referring to the screws that you mount the joystick with.

Maybe this thread can help Screw uppa - The "I messed up my screws/bolts" thread
Are SE bottom plate screws the same as TE bottom plate screws?

Yes I was. Sorry I didn’t come back. Focus attack replied back with the screws I needed. Love that website

I bought mine at