Fighting sticks in Australia?

Hi there guy, ive been lurking around in the forums for quite a while now along with other SF4 websites and providers but I can’t seem to find any info on madcatz sticks being available down under. I’ve been to most of the game shops and electronic stores but none of them seem to have secured any shipments of sticks. At the very least they say they don’t have anything about sticks in their system.

I thought i’d ask some of the gurus n aussies here (if any) and see if they’ve heard anything about stick shipments to Australia?

Ps. I know there’s a ‘no stick thread’ rule but this isn’t directly related to what everyone else seem to have been asking about. T

Thanks guys.

You are most likely going to have to import one or ebay.

I would suggest looking into other options available like a HRAP.

I believe you’ll have to pay crazy high price for the shipping. Just importing a HRAP to Canada from the states cost me like around 60$US. I don’t even know if they’re gonna charge me duties or other crap because I asked the seller to declare the value of the item really low.

Gamedudes or whatever the site is called will have them in April I think, but it costs about 300AUD which is pretty much the same as buying from the US and shipping it here. Other than that, we’re not getting any. Fightpads will be arriving in March though, I think.

A friend of mine managed to pre-order one from Play-Asia. With the exchange rates as shitty as they are at the moment and shipping, he reckons it’ll be around $300.

MadCatz Street Fighter IV TE sticks are coming down under. They are coming to New Zealand on the 24th of April $400NZ

Thanks guys but jeez! That’s about the same price as a brand new xbox360! The things SF4 forces us into… appear to have the SE fightsticks for ~$160

What!? Howd you get that info? I rang JB, EB and GAME and all 3 said that we werent getting any, ever!

It’s understandable that they’d get some TE sticks in the second shipment, they just missed out on the initial batch which was very limited but whos gonna wait for 2 months to get that…

I might be prepared to make you a custom stick for the right price. Im in Adelaide though. It will be cheaper than a SFIV stick, and be all sanwa aswell.

More like mightyRape if you ask me…

$400 for a joystick is more than a little steep…

To all Australian’s hoping to get there hands on the Mad Catz Arcade Sticks.
I have contacted the Australian distributor before christmas, as I was looking to sell these itmes at realease,
but I was informed that AUS would not to be part of the lucky 3000.
Once I have assertained availability, price and release date I will be trying to secure some of these 'golden tickets’
and will be making an announcement on SRK to enquire regarding interested numbers.
(nothing is definate at this stage, but just wanting to post a gimmer of hope)