Fighting Street AKA Street Fighter (I)


I had a Fighting Sreet Disk I bought for $1 at a Thrift store, but didn’t have a Turbo Grafx CD player, so I sold it on ebay for $10-15 used $10 of it to buy 1000 Wii Points and get Fighting Street.

I kind of remembered Street Fighter in the arcade (the first game, saying that for the series as a whole is like “Have you been living under a rock for the past 20+ years?” You can’t say that about the first game though.) I remembered it had pressure sensitive buttons. There were 3 pressure levels, light, medium, and heavy. My brother said he’d seen experts do "Fireball"s "Dragon Punch"es and "Hurricane Kick"s. How did he know what they were called, because Ryu and Ken spoke English and said “Fireball”, “Dragon Punch” and “Hurrican Kick”, not the more familiar “Hadouken”:, “Shoryuken”,and whatever Ryu and Ken say during the Hurricane Kick (The phrase they say is probably Japanses for “Hurricane Kick”)

I also understand that this is not he arcade version of Street Fighter, but a Turbo Grafx CD conversion, which was later emulated Pixel or Pixel, code line for code line on the Wii. I read before hand how to simulate 3 levels of punches and kicks with only 2 buttons, you tap for light, hold shortly then release for medium, and hold for twice as long for heavy.

What I didn’t know going in was the fact that fireballs and hurricane kicks, moves I can do left handed on a standard joystick (I try to play with the right hand on stick for quicker, less predictable to humans, and higher percentage of execution dragon punches, but that’s an issue for a different topic) and I was given a left handed joystick, were… let me say this, if you would have bet someone who has played previous Street Fighter games, but not the first Street Fighter nor the Wii emulation or Turbo Grafx conversion of Fighting Street, 1 million dollars that they couldn’t do a fireball on Fighting Street and gave them even odds (win a million if you do, lose a million if you don’t) , not necessarily use the famous SFII Fireball/Dragon Punch Trap, doesn’t have to win a round, or even land the fireball, just seeing a fireball, during their first 20 credits, you’d have at least one sucker and be a million dollars richer. Before I played knowing what I new about the first arcade game and the rest of the series when I first played Wii/TG16 Fighting street, I’d say yes. I don’t think I’ve done one special move yet, except literally one time when I just got angry and “just mashing buttons and joystick directions”.

First the only reason I remember this game is because I played it once because of the feature of the analog buttons (actually 2-bit pressure sensitive digital buttons)I tried it once, I lost my quarter right away. The main reason why I remember it was because my brother was an arcade employee and said that game was notorious for breaking down, and he heard Ryu and Ken speak, meaning he witnessed people who unlocked the 3 secret moves, and it was regular enough where when I brought it up later he remembered they spoke English and recalled what they said. Has anyone played the “real” TG16 version. Is the game just as awkward on a “real” TG16? If so, should I assume it’s easier to pull of the moves in the arcade version than the TG16 conversion? If so, has anyone mastered it on the TG16 converison. If so, I was wondering if the arcade is pulled off in the same way And in either case, what’s the secret for someone so used to SFII and beyond pulling off those moves with consistency? (on the TG16 conversion and, if it’s just as messed up, SFI arcade)

If the “real” TG16 version has good controls, then Nintendo should fix its TGCD emulator. If it’s a bad conversion on TG16, then should Capcom release the “ARCADE” SFI? (with authentic 2-bit buttons as an extra controller. And if you’re doing to do that, it should be ambidextrous, turn it 180 degrees and flip both axes and optionally swap buttons.) And if the arcade is also radically different than SFII and beyond, maybe there should be a tutorial to show how to pull of these moved on the standard Wii controls. Show what’s different. Maybe can adjust to the SFI technique and it’d be a interesting test to see if there are any SFi masters. Most matchups would have to be agaisnt the computer because Ryu vs. Ken matches where Ryu and Ken are idential in every way except looks would not be as deep. (At least there are no character balance issues in multiplayer games! And the against the odds nature makes for a good vs. CPU game.)

Oh well, until I get some advice, I traded a game that can’t be played at my house becuase I don’t own the system, for the same game as a digital download, $2 in Wii points and $1-$5 in Paypal. Not bad. I heard when games get converted to digital the physical equivalents go down in price unless you’ve got a pristine copy. Is that true too?


The game is shit in all its forms. Play it on your computer with MAME or FBA and see for yourself.


It’s funny how this piece of shit spawned off such a series.