Fighting Street; New steam group dedicated to PC Fighting Games

Join and come play, most members play SF4, various games on GGPO, IAMP and Guilty Gear.

Tournaments, Ranbats and Events TBA We need to grow a bit more before that happens.

Be sure to check out group chat because that’s where the all the action is.

where is the like button?

FYI, there is already a SRK Steam group. It’s been around over two years already.

this is not a SRK group though ;p

Yea that SRK group fails
Just for everybodys information.
If you are already a member of the SF4 Play responsibly club, please join this group since the SF4PRC Main admin went afk for months now we created this new group which now covers more games then just SF4
Also enter the chatroom to fight or talk

If it’s not a SRK group, this is a pretty odd place to post about it.

The SRK group is a steam group for the SRK community to play mostly Valve games (tf2, css, l4d etc).

Fighting Street is a steam group for everyone who plays fighting games on PC (SFIV. GGPO, IAMP, GGXX, etc). I’m trying to create a community of mainly PC fighting game players, get people together to play casuals and get competitive with tournaments with prizes.

There are a lot of great fighting games on PC that you can play online. It’s just difficult to find people to play with. That’s what this group is for. We’ve got a chatroom and already lots of members consisting of great SFIV, SF3 and GG players.

Was it weird for me to think that maybe a few people on SRK might be interested? ;p


the 17th we are organizing the first ranbat for SFIV PC

bump! I’m reviving this group!