Fighting Street (SF Alternate History)

I will try to write this with my best English possible and hope that my grammar and spelling doesn’t screw up my story. The basic idea is that most known events in the Street Fighter story are not the same as people know. I will give outcomes of matches a different outcome and change events so that other events get influenced by it.

Only major events and lesser ones that i know will be posted now. Events that i dont post, might be because i dint know them or because they are not changed at all. If the feedback is positive, i will read more of the canon story and alter the ones that are interesting to alter. Also, non canon stories can be written in, so to help me if i my ‘creativity’ dumps me.

Before the 1st Wold Warrior Tournament:

  • Dan Hibiki’s revenge for the death of his father never come’s to Gouken’s attention. This means that Dan Hibiki will eventually finish his training.

  • The Satsui No Hadou (SNH) of Ryu comes to Gouken’s attention instead. Ryu is isolated from Ken Masters and Dan Hibiki for special training in controlling his SNH by Gouken.

  • Akuma demands Ryu from Gouken. When Gouken refuses, Akuma attacks him. Gouken fends Akuma’s attack succesfully, but Ryu is fascinated by Akuma’s use of the SNH.

1st World Warrior Tournament:

  • Gouken sends Ken Masters and Dan Hibiki on their first real life exam: competing in a World Wide Tournament.

  • Ryu travels also to this tournament, but does not register officially, so that Gouken does not know of his participation.

  • Dan reaches the last rounds of the tournament, but is eliminated by Gen. Because of this, Dan dint get his chance to avenge his father.

  • In the final, Ken looses to Sagat. Ryu steps in and challenges Sagat. Ryu wins after a couple of minutes with a lesser form of Raging Demon, leaving Sagat in a pool of blood. Sagat survives but is forced to retire of street fighting due to physical damage.

  • Gouken learns of Ryu’s fight against Sagat and demands Ryu to come back to his training. On the way back, Akuma approaches Ryu to be his master, Ryu accepts.

Street Fighter Alpha 1 - 2 and 3:

  • Sakura sees a exhibition fight of Ken Masters, and decides to seek out for him.

  • Rufus hears of Ken Masters accomplishments and tries to find him for a challenge.

  • By killing Sodom and Birdie, Cody gets imprisoned for life.

  • Rolento takes full control of the Mad Gear gang and is recruited by Bison.

  • Dan Hibiki saves Blanka’s life. Both become friends.

More later…