Fighting Style Card/Diagram Thing


Ok, I’ve done searches (here and on the google) and I haven’t gotten any clear answers when it comes to the diagram. I also have the Brady guide, but it neglects clarifying the Fighting Style either. Needless to say, SRK is the Mecca for info on this sort of thing, so it’s time I simply ask:

Does anyone know what constitutes each of the five points?

Advanced Offense
Advanced Defense

The only thing I’ve been able to gather is that Stability is the most effected on a game to game basis (although that doesn’t really explain what it actually is).


After each round in Arcade Mode, you’ll be given number values for how you do in each of those five areas. If you are really determined you could try to figure out how they are all calculated…

The license card just shows you the average scores that you’ve earned in online play… though there are probably some adjustments to the calculations for Arcade Mode.

Going through Arcade Mode and just doing Sentinel’s BnB with Plasma Storm (using XF for high HP characters) over and over nets me ~5-6k in Basic Offense and Advanced Offense, 20k-50k in Stability, and 0 in the defensive stats. Defence should be easy to figure out since you can basically just do the above with Sentinel, block one move or do one Alpha Counter, and easily figure out how much that one block was worth.

Stability seems related to health. Plowing through Arcade Mode consistently gives you 19-20k in Stability, and players with high Stability also tend to have higher win rates (probably because they don’t have as many losses bringing their Stability down). You also get 50k in Stability for winning with a perfect, but it’s very likely this only applies to Arcade Mode since it’s basically 250% what you’d get for a non-perfect win.

Using raw tag ins give you +1500 Advanced Defence, but only up to 6 times per match.

If I had to guess, based on my playstyle and what my card looks like, the rest of it would be:

Basic Offense: Attacking, doing special moves, bonus based on the length of your longest combo
Advanced Offense: Aerial Exchanges, Supers, DHCs, THCs, use of XFactor, Snapbacks
Basic Defence: Blocking, probably a bonus for using XF to negate chip damage
Advanced Defence: Alpha Counters, Tag Ins (max 6), Pushblocking


I would guess Stability is taking more steps forward than backwards.
Offense is landing hits.
Advance Offense is landing hits with X factor or supers.
Defense is blocking.
Advance Defense is using advance guard.

It tends to seem random at times, even when I beat a person with ease it shows them with a lot more points if they are higher rank.