Fighting style or character archetypes you wish were in SF

As we know, the original World Warriors (and Super World Warriors) were almost caricatures of either famous people or simply the stereotypes of a particular region. They’ve moved away from it a little bit over the years (mostly since they have created more fantastical fighting styles such as Juri’s or Oni’s) but they still are there (Hakan and El Fuerte are great examples, caricatures of their respective fighting styles of Turkish Oil wrestling and Luche Libre)

There are of course dozens upon dozens of fighting styles that have been left out. And we haven’t really seen any characters actually based on a person (or amalgamation of several people).

Who/what would you like to see?

Me? I want to see a Kareem Abdul Jabaar style character a-la Game of Death with Bruce Lee. Sort of a really tall, skinny, fast and powerful character with good reach. He’d have no real good gap closers and his moves would have fast startup but poor recovery I imagine. Sort of like a defensive punishment based Fei Long meets Sagat.

The other char I’d like to see is a Muhammed Ali style boxer. Really good footsie’s game, not alot of power but good combos. I imagine he’d have dodge move. Sort of like Vism style Cody from Alpha but with a command input to do it on demand instead of having it situation based. Puts him in a unhittable state for short time but has a poor recovery (could be special canceled though to be used for punishes.) Lets him dodge projectiles and any move that hits high/mid (but not low). Sort of as a reference to Ali’s “rope a dope” technique of tiring a fighter out via dodging hits while on the ropes.

I always wanted to see how a character with zero special moves would work.

All he/she would have are normals, normal throws, command normals and target combos.

and maybe someone with counter moves only

It would be pretty cool to see someone that specializes in Jiu-jitsu such as as a grappling wizard…with a BJJ background, although that would be pretty hard to fit in with normals, frame traps, etc…but as far as 360 motions I think it’s possible

isn’t Jiu Jitsu covered by Abel?

A character based around Aikido or Laido would be nice… Or both perhaps. That said i don’t like the use of to many weapons in Sf, not the least a sword… That said i have nostalgiac memories of Garuda & Hayate from SF: EX 2, in Garudas case he only uses his sword during supers. Which would be fitting for an Laido character. (Killing blow from draw etc)

Monkey Kung Fu, specifically Hou Quan (lol bilingual bonus). I watched some videos on it on Youtube along with some with Eileen from Virtua Fighter. Any character with this style would have to be mixup oriented.

i believe u are referring to Iaido with an i if you mean the sword-drawing style.

Drunken boxing. :slight_smile:

Female asian character.

I was gonna say female Black character so Elena wouldn’t be alone, but this has way too many unfortunate implications.

Yea, I would like to see more female black characters in Street Fighter. :slight_smile:
We have so many asian characters already. :smiley:

anime school girl with an air dash and double jump

Basically you want a character whose fighting style is based around pantie shots.

A dancing fighter, using dance moves that does damage. Oops I should of kept this idea

This. The drunken master has always been one of my favorite archetype fighting styles.

I would like to see Sambo featured in SF. It’s a fine military art and a good basis for a grappler. Hopefully a female as SF is severely lacking in female grapplers

A character that was purely hitboxes.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

He would be godlike in Street Fighter.

shhh, dont steal my idea for a fighting game

Your idea is Ballz 3D but with rectangles?

I’d like to see something more Jiujitsu/MMA like. Not as much like Abel with his throws and whatnot, but more submission based moves like Dragunov. Drunken boxing is a must too, after Shun Di, you’d think that style would have been featured in more fighters aside from Tekken.