Fighting style or character archetypes you wish were in SF

Drunken Boxing has been a staple of King of Fighters long before it was in Tekken :wink:

a character that uses Judo and bases most of their big damage output off of counter specials and can reflect projectiles. theyd have decent normals but not much in the way of combo opportunities outside of after a counter. i think thatd be very interesting.

What about a super realistic fighter? Someone who fights like a Mixed Martial Artist? Using lots of moves and tactics seen commonly used irl by MMA fighters.

On the contrary…Fireballs are prevalent in SF, how bout a character who can only use fireballs and ki based moves?

Oh and more characters with weapons >: ^)

someone based after anotak

who linked me to this thread

I would main this.

All the characters in Yie Ar Kung-Fu. Seriously, they need to remake this into a modern 2D FG.

Not to mention Virtua Figher 2 back in 1994, Shun Di used Drunken Boxing.

Wow. I had that on the ZX Spectrum!

I’d like to see a Wing Chun specialist with counter moves.

  • Someone who could counter command throws.

  • Someone who could teleport the opponent. The teleport wouldn’t interrupt the opponent’s move; it would just change their positioning.

  • Someone who could cling to the wall for a while, and climb up or down before jumping off. Vega could have used this.

Doesn’t Able use MMA? Lots of grapples and rolling around on the ground in his moves :wink:

Abel, Alex etc. are kinda close, but they still have a lot of unrealism to their stuff. But fighters like that are pretty cool.

Itd be a neat trick for Vega. Strider Hiryu has this move and its pretty useless though, lol.

He’s talking about realistic MMA moves. Last I checked, I don’t think Tito Ortiz was tornado throwing anyone in the octogon.

MMA= muay thay + BJJ
Give sagat/adon some cool graples and fix’d

Something kind of like this. They’d be a more counter-based character and most of their damage output would be based on throws, reversals, etc. Maybe they’d have a parry that would lead into grapples/throws. I could almost see AKSYS making a character more along these lines.

I want a character that effectively divides the screen into multiple sections with projectiles and whatnot.

Bearded fella with a godlike roundhouse and hair on his chest.

You’ve already got that with Makoto, stop complaining.

Uhh… let’s see…
oh wait.

In all seriousness - Street Fighter does not need more characters at this point. It needs to stop being revised. It needs to see if it will stand the test of time instead of being turned into a gravy train.

Street Fighter has been around for nearly 25years now. I’d say it stands the test of time.

Now if you just mean Street Fighter 4 than that is a different matter entirely. No one has mentioned a specific title in this thread until you did. As far as I knew we were discussing the Street Fighter series as a franchise. Many character archetypes have been left out from the SERIES entirely.

Speaking of “gravy train” I personally would love it if Capcom stuck to their guns and did what they tried to do with SF3 and create a street fighter game without Ryu/Ken. I wouldn’t mind replacement shoto characters or a whole new set of rivals characters (I don’t care for the Twins too much but they’d make a good replacement for the “similar but slightly different” rival stars in their own game.)

Well yeah, the whole series, but I meant SF4 standing the test of time. AE JUST CAME OUT, and assuming this thread had any real influence on anything, these “new character archetypes” would be included in the next rendition of SF4 (As we all know, it’s not over, because Ono called for community input on ANOTHER version)
SF4 doesn’t need more characters. It needs time to grow.

I don’t want to see more archetypes or players, more like I want unique moves that reflect a certain archetype.
Hakan’s oil, Seth’s vacuum, stuff like that.
I wish Capcom would take a little bit more risk and add stuff like Morrigan’s new meter draining move.

I don’t know where people are getting the idea that Ono wants fan’s to give input on HOW to change SF4. All he has said was that if you want a rebalance to go to the capcom unity forums and make your voice heard. No part of that says “we need armchair devs” the whole point is to show that there is enough for a fanbase outcry demanding a rebalance that capcom will have to pay the money to the devs to rebalance it. Just like how Ono had people hold up 10$ to show to capcom that they support making a new Darkstalkers doesn’t mean that Ono is asking you to give him or Capcom 10$ so they can make a new Darkstalkers.

Anyways this is getting rather off topic.

That is part of the reason I like BlazBlue. I don’t care for how overly convoluted the base combat system and HUD are but I like the “drive” system that gives each character a wholely unique game mechanic / ability. However, it is much more difficult to create that sort of thing in a game that is more “caricatures of famous people or fighting styles.” rather than something that is just entirely pulled from the aether. The only characters really that couldn’t be viewed as “taking reality and stretching it to the extreme” are usually the boss characters (Bison/Gill/Seth and Gill’s brother but not boss character Urien… o and twelve, but tbh I never really felt he fit in with Street Fighter’s design, same with Ingrid.)

That being said, I think it COULD be done but it would be difficult to do more than create 1 unique move for each character, and that move might not even be a “support” move like oil shower or tanden storm.