Fighting Style

When it comes to fighting games, what is your style? Defensive, Aggressive, Versatile, etc? And with your style, what style(s) do you prefer to fight against and which do you not?

im more of a turtle defensive (kick your ass at the last minute) kind of player. I like to pace myself.

My style is what it takes to win… Which can also relate to real life… When you lose a fight… Nobody is going to congratulate you saying you fought well. You are going to get laughed at and the talk of the town will be you got banged!

retard offense, I got no patience.

I don’t know how you’d describe my play. It’s aggressive, but it’s not rush down. Is zoning the appropriate term?

Aggressive as fuck style. I also prefer to fight aggressive players/teams. For example, I hate runaway storm and cable and I ususally chase after them. I am fearless.

stay the hell away and spam annoying long range, high priority moves over and over again, though i also like grapplers for some reason (i play athena/ralf/old kyo/old ryo/chang in kof98 for instance)

Turtle/exploit style. I like to pace myself and take advantage when my opponent does something stupid. Though at times I like to bum rush for some fun.

Aggressive. Keep them in the corner!!111!

Edit: I prefer fighting against aggressive players also. It leads to fast paced matches. Who’s gonna get that last hit!? Who knows…

Odd. Not characters but the way I play.

I hate players who are just fucking random. 90% of the time I win, but when they manage to pull off a victory they think are good all of a sudden.

Not clue. Most of the time I flop around goofilly trying to find stuff and sometimes practice others things I already know.

Methodical style, I wait for an opponent to a mistake(s) and try to capitalize on opportunities.

^ hey ephidel, that’s not a picture of sakura. :wow:

anyway, my style fluctuates. if i feel confident against somebody, i rush them down like mad. otherwise, i turtle and wait for an opening.

I rush down with Q and Oro…

[no bullshit]

Gotta keep up the keep up!!

I’ve been playing a fuck of a lot of Tekken 5 DR lately. I’m defensive/reversal when I need it (I don’t meet aggression with like, and hope to have higher priority), aggressive when I need it. No turtle. About 50/50, no matter who I pick…except Roger’s mama. I rush the fuck down with her all day. No matter who I play as, I WILL go for the first knockdown at “Fight!”, and afterwards rape the opponent until they are down to half-life, then I look for ways to humiliate them, like backstepping to just barely avoid a predicted Paul qcf rp, then either command-throwing or launch and juggle. Toward the last part of their life I get aggressive again, and kill with either a command throw or a stylish juggle that ends with a move that slams the opponent into the ground, like Kazuya’s :r: :r: lk, or :l:+lp.

I’m not sure if I really have a “defined” playstyle, it all depends on the game I’m playing, the character I’m playing, and the character I’m fighting against.

In ST I play Dee Jay, against characters with fireballs I play aggressively, and against characters without fireballs I play defensively. In 3S I play Dudley, at mid-screen I’m defensive, and in the corner I’m aggressive. This pattern basically follows every game I play, I’m defensive at times, and I’m offensive at other times.


Turtle. You can get some interesting results with a turtling Zangief if your opponent is impatient.

My game varies depending how much life I have left. I usually take things slow and try to out think you. But once my life drops to about 15% or lower, I become extremly violent and turn into a rush down machine. I figure, hell, since I’m close to dying, might as well go all out. If I lose the first round, the next two rounds are going to be pure hell for you. Provided I win the second and we go to round 3.