Fighting Style

i am very defensive and i enjoy keepaway


Depends on the game in ST i turtle with o.sagat and ryu, in 3s i rushdown zone with akuma n oro, in alpha3 i play a versatile A-ism guy, etc u get my point.

IMO it’s more difficult to play a truely aggressive style in general because ur throwing out mixups/rushdown tactics which are usually guessing games for the opponent and u can’t keep it up forever cuz eventually the opponent (assuming he’s at least ur equal) will find a counter for whatever pressure ur applying…unless ur playing eddie in GGAC n which case u just die from block damage ZIIIIING!!11:lol:

Now on the other hand u have a defensive style of play which in general entails lots of blocking and the use of very few if any attacks until u find an opening caused by a mistake ur opponent made and u punish the opponent which in turn gives u an advantage in choice: do i continue to play defensively and wait for another opportunity to capitalize? OR do i capitalize on the opponents fear of being punished and go on the offensive?

Kepp in mind this is all said in a very broad n general sense n there are countless exceptions to this post so take it with a grain of salt.

I start on the unsafely offensive approach… I revert back to safer boring modes of play if I have to, i.e. in situations where the game is broken into a really shitty boring version of the game i.e. fighting Chun Li in 3s (IMO). I mean, 1 in 10 Chun Li players are offensive but the rest never do anything but wait for you… :looney:


but usually with weird projectiles / objects / unconventional shit

Yup, usually.


Depends of the game… im very aggressive in Guilty Gear, in 3s i prefer to play the more defensive and calm as i can.

i like to take uneccessary risks

corner rape

Versatility & well-roundedness.

MVC2 Ryu is a good example. Not the most powerful or fastest character but he has a little bit of everything, and does well both in long and close range.

Does not matter which style i’m fighting against, with such a character i can usually adapt my strategy to the current situation, either aggressive or defensive.

Huh? Did you just use MvC2 Ryu in that example? :confused:

I try to read my opponent and see what they’re doin and always try to keep the upper hand on them.

Tenacious as hell. I try to keep my defense tight, and when I get the advantage, I’ll only press it insofar as I can guarantee that I’m safe in doing so. If I’m low on life and the clock is running down, I clamp down on defense tight like a duck’s ass, and make the opponent work for every pixel while I look for an open window.

Also, I throw an assload of Sonic Booms.



Problem? MVC2 Ryu is an underrated badass(excellent beam super).

Anyone who thinks otherwise has not spent much time with the character.

^ Anyone who has, wasted their time :rofl:.

Ah I’m just playin’.


I like to turtle but I’ll only block attacks with my face. That or maximum rushdown…kinda the same thing though, at least when I do it, I attack until one of us is dead!

I’m more of an offensive player but I’m trying to be more versatile. I hate runaway players,pussies.

Cheap. I play Vega (claw) in ST, the Master of Cheapness.

I enjoy regular throw whoring in most games.

i like trying to find the easy one hit kill. simple IAD / trijump / teleport mixup into infinite, or that broken juggle that just kills you for some reason. i like to make it so that it’s over before it starts.