Fighting team clockwork

^ lol. i agree :slight_smile:

don’t get me wrong tho, I was glad to see competitive s/d players ACTUALLY post in this thread to tell me about some of the teams strengths…

in reality tho, theory–tho it’s hella fun, mind you and useful–is a whole separate level from reality. we can break the team down as much as we want here on SRK, but when the announcer says FIGHT! and the first move is made, anything goes…

actually, one doesn’t even have to post about the s/d, there are plenty of top play of the team to SEE what happens when and where…i wouldn’t try to keep my tactics a secret for too long…i would rather people know my strengths and be totally vulnerable and virtually unable to do anything about it, than to keep it a secret from them, to only have them or someone much more experienced discover a way around it and pop me in a major tourney.

oh yea, and bacon :slight_smile:

hot vids from a previous thread by shoult!

Funny you should say that, I believe the exact opposite, haha. I believe the more people find out about Strider’s secrets, the more new stuff that will emerge/more players will begin using the team. It’s sort of a law of nature. A kind of uncontrollable evolution. Anti tactic theories will be made, then players will come up with strategies to counter the anti strategies and so on and so on. It just leaves room for development. So I say let strider get analyzed and see what the future brings us. In other words, let nature take it’s course.

nah, you’re right. Its all about the progression. strider gets countered hard, then strider players figure out how to stop the counters and the process keeps going. I just hate losing because someone has exp vs me or the team :rofl:

keep all them niggas in the dark and merc them from the shadows. Its 100x easier beating someone who doesn’t know jack shit about s\d than it is against someone who knows how to fight the team.

I like getting free trap reps, cross up bombs, ambiguous looking shit, instant overheads. I don’t people guard canceling my shit or figuring out counters!

yeah, but it’s more rewarding to play and beat someone that knows what’s going on.

Sorry if someone else caught it first, but that Soo Vs. Clock footage is actually from 2002, I believe. I remember you could download that match and some other ones here on SRK back in the day. All that shit was amazing back then.

really? hmmm…anyhow, i did download some recent footage off of preppy’s site to check out. thnx

snake has like 3 hours of footage of him and j360 on zach’s site. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet seeing how my computer is on the fritz.

with s\d, spotting a game plan and countering it properly is pretty key. But the way to counter a game plan is to counter out @ the easiest spot that they’re willing to risk so playing patiently and waiting for that to happen is vital. I could spout out s\d knowledge all day though. The team is deeeeep

So do, I, so do I, but I’m afraid our friend Magnetrio is correct, Heh, no room to get better if you beat on clueless noobs, now is there? :smile: Haha, it’s all good, you just saying that because you play mixup all the time hahah

gotta love that footage of snakeshotpeople vs josh360!!!

magnetrio made a really good point

Too blatant and repetitive not to notice : (. Let me in on this and I’ll tell you about marvel

thats how we have always pronounced it, it just always sounded cooler.

Haha, I don’t know about that. there’s this group called the trio. And your name looks like it matches, haha. I’ll explain more later, haha.

lol The Trio…THAT group.

when playing against strider, watch out for his c.fp. Stupid god like priority on that thing and when properly spaced and timed, its unbeatable vs any other normal iirc.

With rush down characters, watch out for striders bombs. You do not want to get hit by a bomb that was canceled into orbs. Its too much life to deal with + ninja gets the advantage once his bar has ended.

ninja can’t stop a guard break. Snap in and kill his ninja ass.

strider\sent is actually pretty formidable. Don’t take that matchup lightly once doom is gone but this depends more on the player.

You can destroy the dog, bird and bomb. Once the bomb has the parachute around it, its destroyable but I wouldn’t risk it with my point character because the trade off for a fuck up isn’t in your favor. What I would do is call an invincible AA or an AA that hits high before the bomb makes it down.

The one thing about striders bomb is that he can use it for an AA by ducking into it as it explodes. The explosion part of the bomb is very glitchy. Its actually still on the screen for a while after the explosion has gone away.

against the ninja, block low all day unless the guy can’t instant overhead like a champion. Instant overheads outside of the corner don’t combo properly so you will only eat 10-40% life depending on how much of it combos. Mid screen its more 10-20% realistically and just trap options after that. If he catches you standing, get ready to block something.

Striders teleport actually has some startup on it. Not much though. It is possible to ahvb or kick him in the toes as he teleports. I’m not 100% positive about his recovery but I think its instant. If someone knows whats up on his recovery from his teleport, it would be helpful if someone posted up the true details on it

alpha counters can eat an s\d player up if he’s not paying attention. Generally, you want to only AC after his orbs are gone unless you need to save a cahracter from dying. Becareful though, strider can actually dodge AC’s with the exception of cyke. The less range the AA has, the more careful you should be.

to make it harder for ssd to operate, always pick an AA that stops doom. Doom is the main assist on the team. What you want to do is make the fight a 1v1 fight and maintain assist advantage all day. Once you dominate the assist game, you can then use your assist to dictate the rest of the fight.

and for the love of god, learn to guard cancel. An s\d player that understands trap fairly well will recognize a weakness like this immediately and take full advantage of it. Not knowing how to guard cancel strider will only force you into spots where strider can get a c.fp CH or bomb activate.

Run away storm can put a dent in his game but if only played patiently 100% of the time.

Strider’s teleport:

Is it just me or does this seem a little ambiguous at times? Meaning, there are some moments when Strider will teleport up and behind me after he activates orbs, and his sprite will fall to my left, but he will SOMEHOW end up on my right. It’s as if, a slight nudge allowed him to slip onto the other side of my character.

Is this vs certain characters given their height? Is the height of his fierce teleport determined by the height of the character he is playing or is there a default height at which he appears? Haven’t had the chance to check this out myself yet. I usually get this when I play Storm. I don’t think I have ever had this problem with my Sent on point.

I notice this happens around 30% of the time. I didn’t have this problem until I started playing an s/d player more consistently. At first, this NEVER happened. I could easily identify my blocking direction after his warp. Now, since I KNOW this little cross-up happens from time to time–you think the orb positioning has something to do with this randomness–it makes me think twice about which way I should maintain block…

Ok, Strider must be allowed a certain amount of momentum after his teleport to fall in whatever direction he pleases. Crouching too early would give him the extra space he would need to land on your ‘other’ side, I suppose; although I think this has happened to me even when standing the whole time.

LOL. Unknown, keeping me from jumping back with Cable using Strider’s teleport is gdlk. Abuse that man! Well, not too often, cuz after the first few times, you will likely get punished for it.

judge, I usually throw out a fierce after a teleport to try to keep you in blockstun. Probably helps decide how I land if timed correctly, but I really think it’s just the randomness of Capcom’s engine, it happens in several Capcom games when it comes to xup.

vs Cable, Strider’s teleport is deadly, even if you time your assist call right if you get thrown it’s not going to matter. It’s a mind game really, if your trying to avoid a throw(stop jump back fierce) you’ll mess up Cable’s keepaway game and probably end up taking some risks you really didn’t need to. If you try to tech my throw attempt if I teleport right, I can probably just throw a fierce with no direction, land, and get a free bomb activate. The most dangerous tool Strider will have against Cable is a crouch teleport. s.HP shot chain can be ducked by Strider, and Strider can work that into a teleport free of blockstun and Cable is stuck on the ground most likely to another free bomb activate.

Yeh, it adds yet another element to the guessing game.

lol I just realized Sent can snapback an activated Strider ^.^ Whatcha up to today? Ya free for another casual night? I warn ya tho, I’m on my MSP training run for Marvel atm.

I’ll give ya a ring.