Fighting the Early Drop Epidemic

So there isn’t a list of disconnecting players? I still haven’t found one.

I’ve started listing everyone who drops on me in an excel sheet; so that hopefully I’d find a place to post it online some day. I’d very much like to do it here on SRK but I have a feeling the forum mods won’t be particularly happy about it.

I think it may be helpful for people who are trying to rank up to be familiar with the names of early quitters. On average, I get anywhere between 2-5 players dropping connections each day. Most of these people I send a message to which reads a little something like this:

“Don’t play ranked matches online if all you’re going to do is disconnect before losing. You’re wasting other people’s time.”

Yes. I’ve written it so often that the message, word for word, has been memorized. And you’d be quite entertained by the responses I receive in return. The best one being “get a life” – as if I’m the one rapidly pulling an RJ45 out of my wall to avoid taking a meaningless online gaming loss.

So do you guys think the admins will let the thread fly?

A response from an admin (complete with reasoning) would be particularly helpful.

It’s been tried dozens of times. The truth is, nobody cares. :coffee:

Search function, lock, etc.

Wrong forum, maybe?

XBL subforum
XBL quitter list (a little redundant, but eh)
XBL bad games thread
PSN subforum
PSN bad games thread

I’m sure someone has to care. It’s a bit unfortunate that one does not exist. If for no other reason at all, it would discourage SRK members from dropping; to save face.

I suppose I could always create my own elsewhere and find a way to link it so taht other SRK users can have access to it.

AWESOME! I didn’t know these existed. Thanks for the lead!

only play those you know. Otherwise, enjoy pulling your hair out.

I stopped caring.

Drop on me, go ahead, it doesn’t really bother me a bit…I consider it a definitive win anyway.

I no longer care about BP, except that its how skill matching is done…but other than it being a tool for skill matching, I couldn’t care less.

All I care about is that I end every session a little better than I was in the last session.

lol. I’m totally down for that except for the fact that I’m one of the two or three fighting game fanatics within my buddy circle. Playing the same two people gets boring after a few minutes.

I hear that. However my very last experience is one to mention:

I played this guy 2 times before, and he beat me on both those tries. I try my hand at him once more and he pulls right before I’m able to finish him. The nerve! lol

Anyway, I’ve got some pics of the losers that I’m going to post in one of the above threads. :smile:

Look around dude. This place is full of legit people who will not drop or act like a retard & will make you a better player.

Yeah, that might piss me off just a bit.