FIGHTING VIPERS PS3 online tournament! $20 PSN Store code prize (North America) August 2 at 8:00pm


**Fighting Vipers Coliseum Tournament I (PS3) **

Friday August 2, 2013 8:00 pm EST (there might be rescheduling if necessary but that is current date and time).

Prize: $20 PSN Store (North America region) code.

No sign ups required. Pros, amateurs and mashers accepted. International PSN tournament.

First 9 players that join the tournament (either through invite to PSN text chat, or
some random person wanders into the Fighting Vipers online lobby), are accepted.
The tournament officially starts at 8:00pm, but it could happen sooner if the lobby is filled, or a little later
if only 1 person shows up. If no one else shows up by around 8:16pm, then we start with what we have.
I don’t think I’m going to wait 30 minutes before starting. 10+ minutes staring at the lobby screen is pushing it.
When I declare the tournament has started, it has started.

Lobby holds 6 players and I have to be in the lobby at all times to spectate and record the match results.
(one requirement is understanding how to enable/disable 1P/2P ready mode in lobby.

  1. If I request certain people to let someone else get 1P/2P to play their bracket, it’s proper to follow instructions so the tournament flows smoothly.
    If a match accidentally launches that doesn’t have the right 2 players, that match doesn’t count. )

  2. Extra players waiting to get into lobby can chat in the Fighting Vipers text chat I host, or train in the meantime until space is opened up and they are invited into the lobby.

  3. **Matches: 5 rounds, max timer.
    All characters allowed. **

If player loses a match, they are eliminated.

  1. **Tournament is not responsible for lag or disconnects that occur, if any.

A win is a win.
If someone disconnects, they are automatically eliminated regardless of the cause.
No excuses accepted. **

  1. And if no one shows up, I automatically win and I’ll use this $20 Playstation store card code for myself. :slight_smile:

The PSN ID I will use for this tournament is UKSKY1 (useless messages will be ignored, and spammers/idiots will be blacklisted.)

  1. It’s possible for the tournament to hold over 9 players, but if we get something crazy like 16+, some players may not be accepted to join.
    ** There are no space reservations!!!
    First come first serve. **
    PSN messages should be focused on confirmation of the day/time. From there, it’s up to people to show up on time.

  2. **Winner gets the Playstation Store $20 code through PSN message to the PSN ID they use for the tournament. **
    You know the day and the time and who is hosting it. Just show up and follow instructions. And make sure you configure your controls/display settings if you haven’t already.

  3. I’m not responsible for a PSN Code that might not work.
    I haven’t tried the code myself (obviously), but it is a $20 PSN Card I bought today.

So there’s a 99.9% chance it works when you redeem code at PSN Store. Don’t ask me how to redeem codes.
And if it doesn’t work, you either inputted it wrong or someone out there guessed it right or using it for the wrong PSN region.

Not my fault if code doesn’t work, I spent 20 real dollars on the code, I’m the only one losing money here (unless I win.)
So no requests or harrassment about a new code, or you will be blacklisted and possibly banned from
future Fighting Vipers tournaments.